Adopt Sunnah Lifestyle for success

Adopt sunnah lifestyle

To your wonder it is not that hard it is very simple and easy to follow and adopt habits of  our beloved Prophet Mohammed (saw) which will not only give us great benefits in this world but also reward us in the here-after.

Adopt sunnah lifestyle this article will discuss what habits of our beloved Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) you can follow.

To Make everything simple what is obligatory is Prayers

Our Prophet Mohammed (saw) use to pray 5 times and offer other voluntary prayers especially in the middle of the night and it is obligatory for us to follow this Sunnah as Allah has commanded all his creation to pray.

Next to make this more simple and easy

all the human-beings do these 4 things everyday that is eating food, drinking water, sleeping and waking up and going to the toilet.

Let`s follow sunnah in doing these necessary tasks and if you follow our Prophet Mohammed(saw) in these unavoidable tasks of your lifestyle it will give great benefits to you.

He practiced regular fasting he use to fast every monday and thursday and also 13 14 and 15 of month.

He always maintained hygiene and cleanliness.

He took shower daily and used Miswak.

He said giving a pleasant smile to someone is a charity.

Today we will cover in detail about sunnah of eating food and all that which is concerning food.

What not to do?

Prophet Mohammed (saw) never gave names and criticize his food,

he ate what is available and never tried a lot to get the food which is out of his reach. He never spoke while eating, he never burped aloud, he never ate full stomach. And Our Prophet Mohammed (saw) do not like wasting and throwing food and water. He tried his best always to finish everything which is in his plate.

He never ate alone and never ate speedily.

Now What to do?

There is one Hadees which states

“A disease will never enter a person`s home where they wash hands before eating and wash hands and rinse their mouths with water after finishing their meal.”

Our Prophet Mohammed (saw) said Son of Adam fill their stomachs worse than a vessel.

A few mouthful morsels is enough to make his back straight if he would like to eat then one third for his food, one third for his drink and one third for air.

There is one more hadith which states our Prophet Mohammed (saw) said putting a morsel in your wife`s mouth is a charity.

Our Prophet Mohammed (saw) never ate alone he says there is blessing when we eat in company he loved to share the food and eat and also love to share the food with neighbors.

He instructed that if you are making a mutton or any kind of meat`s curry then make it into a liquid form so that you would be able to share it with others.

We can make Marag, khorma, shorba and soups in a liquid form, it is sunnah of our Prophet Mohammed (saw) to do so and share among everyone and eat.

Prophet Mohammed (saw) encouraged his followers to eat simple and nutritious food. He loved foods which are strongly beneficial to health and are also tasty.

Jazak Allah Khair

Farah naaz

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