Increase energy of your soul

How to increase the soul`s energy

 It is common to listen about the energy of the body and tips and tricks to keep the body healthy fit and energized ever wondered what is the energy of the soul? and how to increase it? And how did it become week?

If feeling bored, tired, and lonely or impatient and desperate has become your daily routine then realize that your soul has become week and it needs the energy to survive. Before knowing how to increase the soul`s energy you must know how did it become week?

A soul often becomes week because of one big mistake which he does again and again repeatedly in his life

. That is searching his happiness in others like if he is wearing good clothes he wants others to praise him but when others don`t comment anything he becomes sad.

When a person loves someone then he expects that he will get the same love in return but when he does not get any love he will not feel happy.

He shows compassion, helps others, cares for others, and to tell the truth, he looks after his children and family well and then expects that they will do the same when he needs their care and love. In almost everything which he does he expect the same from others.

But when he does not get anything good from others then it is natural he breaks from inside and starts becoming sad, hopeless, and lonely. And this is how day by day his soul becomes weaker and weaker.

Now How to increase the soul`s energy?

Remember! If you really want to increase the energy of your soul then don`t search for your happiness in worldly material things and do not search for it either in other people.

Find your happiness inside your soul to increase your soul energy

 No matter if someone blames you, find your faults and weakness, or put a wrong allegation on you, or if someone returns badly to you in return for your good deeds or if someone does not even care to appreciate you for your help and good job then also don`t care. if you know that your god is happy with you and you are happy and correct and on the right path then ignore them all. Just let go! Forgive them all.

Your soul energy can be increased by forgiving others and Having expectations of only from our creator, not his creation.

Remember a brave man is not the one who strangles and kills everyone with his sword but a truly brave man is the one who has the power of letting go and forgiving people.

Helping others doing good without expecting anything in return is the food of our soul forgive people and do good to be happy, powerful, and energized all alive.

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