The best charity to give to others

The best charity to give to others

Do you know what is that best thing you could give to others that they will cherish it and remember you for it always

it`s a smile!

Prophet Mohammed (saw) said the best charity is to smile at others!

Hazrath Ali(R.A) said give this charity daily to others because it not only pleases everyone but it also pleases god!

And Allah has hidden rewards and success to those who give charity daily.

He will save you from coming hurdles and troubles and give you relief from pain and ask his angels to protect you wherever you go!

You must not be a person who sins and displease or disobey Allah!

Those who disobey Allah he just leave those people.

And those who obey remember Allah is always there with you to protect you!

have no fear because Allah is with you!

Just imagine it does not require much energy effort time or your money to smile at others it`s really a very pleasing act which pleases the whole world!

According to psychologist and some mental health doctors a smile makes other person`s heart feel lighter and removes stress.

Is this not great a smile could provide immense benefit to others if you practice it daily in your life!

It creates and releases a happy harmone inside your brain and anybody would love to receive a smile and to give a smile to others always!

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