4 smarter ways to get your work done on time

Here are some best and smartest tips to get all your work done on time!

To-do list: There are many types of planners and diaries you can find in stores and also online buy one or maintain google keep and just write down all your important and urgent works one by one and then tick mark if you finished them on time and do not forget buying groceries or anything. You can be a perfect manager an organizer if you maintain this to do list. And most important thing is you can also create your step-by-step plan of getting your work done in a systematic and organized way by maintaining this list. Be smarter dont give anybody a chance to tell you hey i told you that yesterday and you forgot to do it. You can also write daily journals like making gratitude list and thanking god, or sorry list to tell a sorry to god and even forgiving list to forgive others, which can make your heart feel much more lighter and healed.

Reminders: Do you forget birthdays, anniversaries or do you often forget taking that vitamins or your daily medicine on time! Then set reminders with some melodious ringtone in your mobile to remind you that you have to take vitamins or medicine on this time or there is some occasion or it can be anything like simply this is the time to sit and then just write whatever your heart and soul says.

Alarm clock: Do you know how to make the best use of this alarm clocks available in our mobiles for example if you are cooking and you have to leave in one hour to get the children back from school then set the alarm of like 50 minutes of cooking and then get ready in 10 minutes. And when alarm rings you would know that your time is finished and you have to rush now! This technique is really helpful it can make you loads of tasks done on time. It can make you like super woman and super man who can do it all on time. If you are student it can help you finish your lessons on time and then get back with family and friends.

Multi-tasking: Here this is one of the best way to get your tasks done suppose if you have got to do cooking, washing clothes and your online job at the same time, you can do it put on your laptop start your job give it on hold, prepare everything and put it on stove on slow and then put all the clothes in a washing machine and then put it on they will get washed automatically. If you have got to listen to an important video then you can also do it while you are eating or driving a car. Like i wash my sink while iam brushing my teeth sometimes.

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