Satan’s unknown trap; helpless reason to sin

Satan is invisible; feel him and his trap with your Third eye!

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You do not realize that you are injuring and hurting your soul by giving your physical self whatever it needs; the pleasures which are so temporary remember in this is the destruction of your soul.

Do not follow the footsteps of Satan:

What are his footsteps?

He convinces you on tiny matters, urges you to sin, and then makes it compulsory.

Suppose it is a sin to go downstairs in the lobby

And your mommy asks you not to go

Satan put into your mind the tiny move

that it is not a sin to peep downstairs

I am not going; I am just peeping.

Then he insists it is not a sin to go near it.

I am not going downstairs; I am just coming near to it.

Then he will say it is not a sin to go downstairs only once

I will not go afterward just once!

Then he will say it is not a sin to go downstairs occasionally. I am not going daily, just occasionally sometimes.

Then he will say everyone sins now and then, so why not me?

I am human; I can err! I will, therefore, ask God to forgive me and repent later!

Then he urges and makes you desperate to go downstairs every day till you get caught up by your mother!

These are the footsteps of satan!

It is just a very tiny move in the beginning. If you stop yourself, that time itself he cannot conquer your mind.

A strong determination is needed to escape from his trap.

Satan creates helpless reasons to sin, many surveys have been conducted, and criminals have been asked why they sin?

Their answer is shocking. Almost all of them give helpless reasons to sin,

1- They blame others because of he or she or for their good!

2- They blame their situation and circumstances

3- they blame their uncontrollable impatient nature and habits.

Many do not even plan; they do it suddenly and quickly.

This is Satan’s unknown trap to catch the victim, making them helpless and impatient because, in Quraan, Allah says, “Innallah maa aasaabireen.”

This means Allah is with the one who is patient.

And Sureh Asr Allah says, “Those who are patient, Allah gives them victory.

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See the value of patience Allah makes it so invaluable that he has made great rewards for the people who practice patience and do not complain, whereas, in today’s modern world, a man is very impatient, unfair, and shows much ingratitude towards life. He never counts his blessings and focuses only on others’ faults and mistakes or complains about circumstances.

Sometimes a thief gives a helpless reason to rob, saying he is poor and has no food to give his little kids. Despite sweating out and working hard, he takes a shortcut to rob others!

Satan’s unknown trap is he creates sin first in the mind of a person and makes him so helpless to do wrong things

For example, a person who has the habit of telling lies

when asked why he lied? He or she often says that he or she was so afraid of punishment or shame that they lie. Or he or she lied just for fun or to make others happy or laugh!

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Telling the truth is invaluable, and it is a brave task. A person has to be daring and brave to speak always the truth and never escape like cowards and cheap brats by taking the short way of telling lies.

The most significant punishment for a liar is even his truth is suspected, and he is never believed by anyone.

And the biggest reward for a person who always speaks the truth is everyone trusts that person believes them, and he does not need to swear to prove his or her point.

You must connect with Allah, the divine infinite superpower to achieve spirituality and get rid of Satan and his fake traps permanently.

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