Wash your soul to empower spirituality

we wash ourselves to become clean; we take a shower to clean our bodies. Do we need to wash our souls like our bodies? If yes, then how to wash our souls, and how it becomes dirty. Here is the guide.


First, I want to tell you how does a soul become dirty?

A soul becomes dirty because of sins. The more sins we do, the more dirty and weak it becomes day by day.

How to wash our souls?

We can wash our soul like we wash our physical self, with pure and honest repentance. When you sincerely repent to Allah and feel sorry for your sins, you are washing your soul. When you do Istighfar daily, you repent and wash your soul daily.

The best way to wash our soul

The best method to wash our souls is that we must make a sorry list at the end of the day and write down what all sins we did and sincerely repent to Allah for those sins and also promise him that we will not repeat doing the same sin again. And then you can throw the paper in the dustbin so that no one would be able to read it is so personal as it is only between you and Allah(swt).

Many people go through the process of purification of their souls in their lives and they do not have any knowledge that they are in the process of purification.

Allah gives us pain and suffering to teach us a lesson and purify our souls from sins. You see, when you are suffering from pain or some disease or any pain, remind yourself that Allah is helping you to purify your soul from sins. He is washing your soul and teaching you a lesson at the same time. That’s why we see people who have gone through much in their lives are sensible, understanding, and patient, and most of all, they are light givers, compassionate souls on earth.

It is said that when a single thorn hit your finger from a flower Allah forgives 70 trivial sins because of the pain you have gone through it.

Mostly they are those people who go through intense pain and purify themselves. So many times, I often have seen older people become intensely sick and ill before they leave this world. They go through much suffering, and now we know they are purifying their souls before they go to Allah and meet him in the hereafter world.

Most loved quality of human by Allah!

Do you know what Allah loves most? It is repentance that comes from the purely and sincerely repenting heart!

Allah loves repentance so much that if any man sheds tears of repentance on earth, he, the Almighty, stops punishment to the sinners in graves for some days. And Allah becomes so happy that where he stays, Arsh swings with the melody of happiness and joy from Allah. And he forgives the person who repents and then converts all his bad deeds into good deeds and finally washes off his soul from all the sins, making it pure and clean full of flowing life force energy!

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