Open your Third Eye step-by-step guide!

The best and correct way to open your Third eye and see what others could not see in this world!

We keep looking and observing things with our eyes, and we do not realize that apart from these eyes, we have one more pair of eyes, the eyes of our soul, which is popularly known as the Third eye.

Our physical eyes could only see things that stop the light and make it into a reflection, and our soul`s eyes could see things that do not stop the light and form a reflection. So remember, Allah has given all human beings not two but four eyes, and the other two eyes are our soul`s eyes. Still, unfortunately, we indulge ourselves in so many desires by passionately looking at things with our physical eyes that we cannot open those beautiful hidden and secret eyes that are our Third eye.

How you can open your Third eye!

There are ten steps to open your Third eye!

1- Become sinless:

Stop doing all which is negative and bad which displeases Allah, be obedient to your Almighty Allah and forgo all types of sins including your gossip which not only waste your precious time but also give you guilt that you are just being sarcastic and criticizing people around you who are just the creation of Allah.

2- Renounce worldly physical desires:

Follow the path of renunciation, and I know this is hard, but you have got to do it if you want to open your Third eye. This also includes your trivial tiny desires of unnecessary spending on luxuries and attending that not required waste of time discos and parties. You can utilize that time studying something valuable and save that money you spend on luxuries for your future.

3-Practice Fasting:

Do you know what fasting does? It works wonders for your physical health and makes you spiritually powerful, enriching your soul with the power of self-control. Yes! You can have immense self-control if you practice regular fasting. The best thing about it is fasting is one of the best ways to control your physical desires and make you spiritually stronger.

4-Give charity and Do Good Deeds:

If you give charity and do good deeds, Almighty Allah would be pleased with you. The one thing we are going to take with us after we die is only our good deeds and nothing else. We are not going to take our bungalow, BMW cars, and that land and property with us. What we are going to take with us is only our good deeds. Don`t you love giving happiness to others? For example, suppose if you help some poor man who is desperately in need of cash for his survival and medical treatment don`t you feel intense satisfaction inside your soul after helping the needy and poor. It empowers your soul and gives it limitless, what we call infinite energy to move forward and create even more goodness in society!


What Allah loves most is the pure repentance from the pure heart! When you sincerely repent, you are washing your soul from sins, and it will revitalize your soul and give it the required energy to open your Third eye.


Gratitude is the second most loved deed, which Allah loves most, and he has mentioned many times in Quraan that if you be grateful, I will rejuvenate your soul and give you more of that blessing. So we must be grateful to Allah for each and every blessing we possess, and that`s what he likes. And in return, he gifts us with fresh life force energy to live our life to the fullest, and this is a great way to open your Third eye.

7- Prayer and meditation:

Do you know the number one reason for some people who are gifted with spiritual talents? It is their dedicated and pure meditation and prayers which honestly comes from the purest of heart. If you practice deep meditation, the remembrance of Allah, and sincere prayer regularly, you will slowly start becoming spiritually powerful, and this is one of the best ways to open your Third eye.

8- Being in nature:

Nature is very closely connected with the Divine, and when we connect ourselves with nature, we are connecting with the Divine. Practice talking with Allah when you are alone walking in nature. Just looking up at the serene blue sky and fresh air blowing your way. It freshens and lifts your spirits up, and this is also one of the powerful ways to open your Third eye when you are in nature and feeling calm and peaceful.

9- Hard work:

Have you ever seen people suffering from depression, boredom, and nothingness because of mundane life? It happens because of a lack of life force energy. If you are passionate about doing something good and divine, never suppress your passions and creativity and your desire to utilize your skills and talents to produce good in society. You can change the world for the better if you work hard, and when you sweat out and toil, each drop of your sweat will benefit you and others. And your sincere hard work will help you in opening your Third eye.

10- Patience:

Your patience is tested on three things

1- patience towards your desires

2- Being patient when angry

3- Being patient when fearful

Can you let go of anger and forgive people easily?

Can you let go of fear and face the situations of your life yourself? Learn to trust yourself instead of becoming fearful and suspicious and attracting negativity; you can learn to trust and attract positivity in your life.

If you practice patience and forgive people on small trivial matters and PRACTICE COMPASSION ON ALL SITUATIONS OF YOUR LIFE THEN, THIS IS A VERY GOOD WAY TO OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE.

When your Third eye opens you will be able to see the ways the routes and paths of the heavens and skies and you will be able to see the things which no one would be able to see normally and then start miracles happening in your life.

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