Rare and unknown morning habits to boost your energy!

Everybody must have spoken about healthy breakfast, prayers, exercises, studying etc. in the morning here are some morning habits which you must have rarely heard before!

1- Short Prayer and light body rub and stretching your body:

As soon as you wake up offer a short and sweet but sincere prayer to god and then rub your tummy and back lightly. And then stretch your arms and slowly stretch your body. This morning ritual is wondrous and miraculous. A prayer will always let your day go well as you start with the name of Allah and then when you rub your body it helps to heal the remaining body pains and put away stress from your body and then stretching helps in revitalizing and activating your body again for the day.

2- Yoga for constipation and pooping:

This yoga has many health benefits firstly it detoxifies your body and heal you and then it removes headaches and body pains and it also helps in lifting up your spirits and get moving through out the day. There are many popular yoga poses for this you can check out here!

2- Enema:

Many people are hesitant to take enema as they feel insecure but believe me enema is one of the best thing you can give to heal your body and relieve it from the burden daily. If you can search online you can find many home based enemas which people are practically using and getting amazing benefits from it.

3- Drinking water:

Do you know 70% of our body is just water and we cannot exist without water. Drinking water in the morning before having your breakfast helps you in getting rid of bad body fats including cholesterol, circulates your body, detoxifies your body, and helps fight depression and anxiety and cools and heals your system. So never forget to drink two glasses of water first thing in the morning.

4- clearing throat and nose:

You can clear your throat from phlegm and clean your nose daily while you brush your teeth but there is another way and you can do it once in a week as well. Gargling warm salt water, drinking lots of water and blowing it from your system through vomit, and to clear your nose try neti-pot nasal irrigator. Many people hesitate and afraid of using a neti-pot but if you take a plunge you can relieve yourself from bad mucus and phlegm which is the cause of many diseases inside your body. Net-pot works perfectly in relieving breathing problems too. If you do not know how to use Neti-pot you can find one here!

5- Breathing Exercises:

Many people prefer jogging walking on treadmill or cycling and aerobics but if you do breathing exercises and try some for yourself they are miraculous. Some breathing exercises helps to relief depression, anxiety, hyper tension, and they can help in controlling blood pressure and also diabetes good for your heart and also lungs.

6- Massage

Massage also comes in the list and never ignore a good massage you yourself can give to your body. Take some olive oil and massage your own body and mind it as this habit can heal wounds, or pains which are hidden deep inside your body and also boost your energy levels. You will never suffer from fatigue and tiredness and people will question what is the secret of vibrant vital energy always.

7- Journals:

Write down your to-do list and gratitude list or your positive affirmations daily which can train and program your mind positively and put all the good and spirited thoughts into your mind. Try to avoid reading news papers and watching news channels they exploit your mind and put all negative thoughts inside it.

10- Gardening:

Be in the nature, take a walk and water your plants and crops. If you own land or have your own lawn otherwise just peeping outside and being in your balcony is enough to get that fresh morning air. Open your windows and let the fresh air come inside your homes.

11- Chores:

Many people prefer learning, studying and reading and a fraction of people prefer household chores, especially mothers who have to send their kids to school has to wake up early and make breakfast for the kids. Do some chores which you love like cleaning and cooking your favorite or your kids favorite as it really gives you joy and satisfaction. You will never regret and will have a feeling you did not waste your day.

So these are my rare and unknown morning rituals if you want to read more then check out my eBooks on Amazon where i have discussed more detoxifying methods to heal your body and revitalize it.

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