Hidden secrets of pure giving

Hidden secrets of pure giving

Do you know the famous proverb what we give we get and it`s actually what energy we give the same energy we get back from others. Here is a precious priceless ancient secret of pure giving.


This secret is what i have really learnt from my daily life! 

The minute you are giving you are a success and the minute you are selfish you are a failure!

Selfishness always destroys 

it can never create bounties for you if not today tomorrow you will see it`s poisonous negative effects where as pure giving without expecting anything in return will make you flourish in life! You can never be happy and fully satisfied if your happiness is the reason behind someone else sorrows and tears. One day definitely you will see that their tears have blocked your life and if not this earth life your spiritual life is completely blocked because of this.

All crime and sin is because of selfishness:

All the crime which happens in this world have you ever noticed and observed it all happens only because of selfish reasons.

And what result the criminal get is guilt, shame, and if caught physical punishments. It destroys their soul and it`s divine energy.

People who have no compassion for one self and others become selfish and here starts their story of destruction.


Self praise and flattering for selfish reasons never give long lasting good results:

Even when you are talking if your talking is mostly self praise and self talk then nobody appreciate it but if you are talking about solving others problems then everyone will crave to listen to you. And flattering never works honest praise do. If you are ever to praise anybody be very honest in your words.

This is how this world runs, what energy you vibrate towards others the same energy you are going to get back one day from others so be cautious it is not what others are doing or saying to you it is only how you react and respond to their behavior.


You can make great friends

 if you let go others faults and forgive others easily it can not only help in healing you but also keeps you calm and peaceful.

And Hazrath Ali says give happiness and light to this world always even if this world hurt you back in return.

Even in our daily activities if we think of making and doing something only to ourselves or our loved one`s then it becomes selfishness but if we share it with everyone it becomes a grand success.

Try it and check it in your daily life and notice if you don`t believe you will be astonished how much successful you are by just adopting the habit of giving and sharing our bounties with oneself and everyone surrounding you.

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