Rare and unknown human magical powers

I have come across many times in my life about this rare and unknown human magical power called the law of obedience.


You must have heard about the law of attraction, and now do you know what the law of obedience is?

Subconsciously doing what others desire you to do from inside their heart is called the law of obedience.

I have experience with these things. Usually, it happens with people who intensely want to please others and try hard to become acceptable and agreeable in front of others. However, it also affects people who are thirsty for attention or compassion from others.

And it happens with people who are not dominant and submissive.

People’s vibes, negative or positive, come and attract or vibrate with our vibes or contact our soul with their energy.

It happens to me usually when I am sleeping. If someone wants me and I am sleeping, I get up and cannot sleep peacefully.

It also happens when someone envies that I am sleeping and cannot sleep.

If someone remembers me and wants me to be in company with them, then I wake up, and when I am sleeping, if someone enters without making any noise, I can feel their energy and open my eyes to see. So I have very vulnerable sleeping habits.

Your gifts and presentations go in favor of people who have that type of energy:

Have you ever observed that sometimes in our daily life we prepare something for someone special and in school and college, or anywhere we prepare some presentations for particular groups of people with much passion and desire? And it happens that for some reason or the other, we could not be able to make it through them. So they miss it and the person or people for whom it was not made, we present or gift them instead of those people just because they have this mindset and views. And it is they who attracted it, and the people for whom you prepared stuff do not hold those vibes.

You must save yourself from people’s negative vibes and energy, and they secretly desire you to fight with your siblings, friends, spouse, or children. They secretly desire that you are made fun of at the workplace, envy, and desire that you fail, and they will get a chance to gossip about you and laugh at you in your absence.

Don’t you realize why you can’t achieve your goals and complete your tasks on time and end up procrastinating:

Sometimes it is the energy usually disorganized and chaotic energy of others that does not allow us to sit down calmly, relax and do what we have got to do. That energy makes us feel so chaotic, overloaded and confused that we cannot do our important tasks and end up living boring life struggling with time and procrastinating. So feel that energy, do some breathing exercises and yoga and calm down and then write down your goals on a piece of paper for deadlines and be prepared to go for it.

I have got one incident during my childhood that is a perfect example of how envy and others’ negative wishes destroy things and relationships in our lives.

We attended a party, and at that party, some person was extra-ordinarily upset because he broke up with one of his lovely friends and did not consider him worthy of being his friend; he was almost gloomy and sad.

I was a kid at that time, only 10 years old, and was playing with my cousin. We considered ourselves twins and shared great bonding at that time. If we had to eat, we ate on only one plate; such is the intensity of bonding we shared.

We were happy and were taking the name of a famous movie about twins and saying that we both are best friends, like Seeta and Geeta, the popular Bollywood movie about twins.

He was feeling intensely jealous and vibrating energy of envy so strong towards us. After some time, we had a disagreement. Then the elders sitting over there took my cousin’s side and criticized me. And to add more salt to the fire, they praised my cousin. I end up crying at the party. Hence, at the end of the party, they called me up and said you are the cause of all the problems because you are jealous of your own little sister, my cousin.

Do you know what happened after this party? Our relationship and friendship have never been the same as before. Slowly, our friendship ended within some years because that jealous person who lost his friend and siblings loved my cousin so much that he wanted her to be with him and questions why you always be with me. I know from inside this is going to end with time, and till now, that cousin never asked me or contacted me; we got separated.

This is how someone’s energy and desires make you lose a relationship. It happened slowly, but it did happen.

How to save yourself from following this law of obedience:


Stop pleasing people:

Never become a people pleaser. We do many things just to get accepted in society, and we do crazy things to get love and compassion from others. Stop it have your own mind, your own opinions, and never do things to please others.

Try to be a leader:

Learn leadership qualities, learn how to lead, and stop being submissive. If you develop a habit of always being submissive towards others, your vibes become vulnerable enough, allowing others’ energy and vibes to attack you.

Feel others’ energy and offer prayer to Allah:

Feel others’ energy. If it is negative towards you, then offer prayer to Allah and ask for protection against this energy. There are many people who stay with us especially our in-laws. They can’t love you like they love their own daughter or son and never have an illusion that they love you. People only want to fulfill their needs, and if you can’t fulfill them, they will not treat you well.

Stop the first step before it becomes endless:

When you feel or see something negative, you must stop then and there, or you must stop it at the beginning so that it does not develop and create problems for you later.

There is a good quote from my father’s poetry.

Kaatde us anaa ke poudhey ko

badhte badhte shajar na ho jayeh

Cut down when something negative is budding because you can never say one day it will grow into a tree of that particular negativity that can ruin your life.

Power and freedom of choice:

You are powerful from the inside and gifted with infinite power and freedom of choice. So choose all which is positive for you and reject the negative energy vibrating towards you.


Track everything positive coming towards you, have a positive mindset, and deny the negative. They do not enter your way until and unless you permit and accept that negative energy. BE a fighter of negative energy and allow abundance in your life.

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