forgiveness heal you

Hazrath Ali says forgiveness can heal you. This is a short poem on how forgiveness can miraculously heal you. We always ignore but may be lack of forgiveness is the cause of your sickness forgiveness has a magical ability to heal.

I was depressed edgy and felt so much hated

cannot sleep like something heavy weighted

laid on my chest and i feel like awe

there was so much of hurt nobody saw

anxieties cover me and my life went in vain

then i went to a doctor with so much of pain

he gave me medicines and said be cool

nothing could cure me i became a fool

then i went to spiritual healer great

he said you require no treatment wait

He said only one thing relieve your weight

i said what is that weight laid on me

the path of forgiveness he has shown me!

i have forgiven everyone including me how and why

i repent and forgive and then touched the sky!

The sky is cool a symbol of healing

there i felt fresh and born again I’m feeling!

with love


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