Become relationship guru with this one advice

Compassion is the best teacher!

This is a famous quote of Moula Ali(R.A) which gives the best and perfect tip to become wise and perfect your relationships.

A word of compassion removes wrath

Compassion and love is the best teacher to perfect your relationships.

Compassion teaches you to be in other person`s place and feel their pains and sorrows as it is happening to yourself.

You must have desires goals and passions

love one another and have compassion!

Compassion is the best teacher of all

when you learn mercy kindness after all

you don`t need to learn anything at all!

you will become expert and will enthrall

everyone will listen you gathering in hall

Your desires goals and passions with spontaneity

they come into real actual reality!

Call upon the skies above and oceans below

greet them with mercy seeds of wisdom you sow!

With love


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