You have got infinite bounties inside you

Hazrath Ali says give even if you have little! Many people think they have so little and they cannot give anything they are living in an illusion because the fact is you have got infinite bounties inside you and you are unaware of it.

What you can give?

an appreciation

what you can give?

an admiration!

What you can give?

A word of compassion

What you can give?

your efforts your time

what you can give ?

make a lemonade with lime

what you can give ?

your support for a good cause!

Don`t give up never quit and don`t pause!

What you can give?

Your blessings a prayer

there is no need of money

to give much honey!

you have got infinite bounties inside you


like a flowing water limitless timeless!

What you can give

your love and care!

You are a spiritual being spread everywhere!

With love


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