The complete healing process

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Says if you have been harmed by your enemies then the best revenge is to forgive let go and improve yourself.

You know why because as the proverb says i have forgiven you not because you deserve forgiveness but because i deserve peace!

I present you 6ways and the complete process of healing yourself.

1- Forgive yourself and others:

Take a paper and pen and write down whoever has hurt you their names and then how much they hurt you and then write that you have forgiven so and so person with heart for the sake of Allah and for the sake of your own peace of mind. And then write down your own sins and how it has harmed others or hurt others and then write down that you sincerely repent and ask for forgiving from these persons to whom you have caused hurt and you honestly with all your heart forgive your self. And now you will no longer be angry on somebody and you no more be angry on yourself which reduces your stress and heals you and makes you a calm human being.

2- Letting go:

See in spite of healing and forgiving there are chances that again you will be annoyed by trivial faults and mistakes of others which keeps on raising your blood pressure. Calm down learn to forgive and just let go others little faults and mistakes. There must be only one reason for you to feel annoyed that is when it harms you or your loved ones apart from that you can let go small flaws and mistakes of others.

3- Compassion:

Compassion has got a miraculous healing energy it heals you and heals those who receive compassion from you. When you be kind and show compassion towards others and even for yourself you start healing and generating positive energy towards you. Whenever you feel angry on yourself sit down and write compassionate words for yourself and forgive. 

For example why you are being so harsh with yourself my love my darling my baby you have not done anything it`s not your fault just let go Allah is there with you nothing is going to happen calm down you are great sweet heart you are so beautiful Allah is showering mercy on you be kind to your own soul. These are the compassionate words you can give to yourself you can either write down or talk to yourself.

Once i remembered i was suffering from depression and stress and then i visited that time a home to see the girl for my brother with mommy i was so stressed and there one Aunty mother of the girl uttered words of compassion for me which really calmed me down and given me positive energy and a trust to sit there comfortably. She said

“Oh you look like an angel why are you not taking this juice my child.”

Compassionate words really make us feel loved worthy and accepted.

4- Cheerfulness:

 Sometimes cheerfulness a little sense of humor added and hearty laugh or even a generous smile could vibrate healing energy and helps in healing wounds. Never ignore your fun loving and easy going nature. Life cannot be serious all the time sometimes comedy do happens indeed practically we must learn to learn and make hay while the sun shines. A loving warm smile cannot lighten the heaviness on your chest and a hearty laugh give you energy to move further in life.

5- Prayer:

Prayer is the central dominant and an integral part of healing. You cannot heal without a sincere prayer. With prayer we can receive healing energy and we can also send healing energy to others. And the best thing you can do for others is sending a compassionate prayer to them which will help them in their lives to heal and be healthy and successful.

6- Take good care of yourself:

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Says there are 5 habits which can give you good health

1- Doing hard work and sweating out

2- Being in nature

3- Sleeping early and waking up early morning

4- Having breakfast early.

5- And most important forgiving people

Final thoughts:

Remember your enemies will become happy if you be sad because their goal is to give you sorrow and failures and you are fulfilling what they desire if you be sad all the time and cry for nothing get up forgive and improve yourself and when you forgive forget improve your life you know you are taking the best revenge and your enemies will be sad and stunned because you are not doing what they wish.

Heal your self from wounds of your soul they are not visible but they are present it hurts your soul daily. If you start the process of healing step-by step given in this guide you will achieve your goal of completely healing yourself and getting rid of negative energy.

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