Fragrance and melody of hard times

Hazrath Ali (R.A) says there is always hope in hard times because it is only in the darkest nights the stars shines so brightly. This is a short poem describing this.

We all go through hard times like suffering from health issues and loss of loved and closed ones and loss of job etc. but there is always a certain melody and fragrance of hard times because end of something is always a start of something new.

I look up to my creator up above the sky

the night is so dark and moon shy

the stars in the darkest night shine

this too shall pass speaks up the time!

Do not quit tell you how and why

Do not give up come up stand high!

in waves of difficulties

stay positive hope high!

I come up with solutions and fight

with all the pain with all my might!

the miseries lull me and dull me

I ask god to heal and cure me!

Hidden melodies and fragrances felt

slowly numb me and soothes me melt

difficulties feuds disputes mental strife

end of something is the start of new life!

I stand positive stay up high

stars shining oh way up in the sky!

With love


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