Is your extravagance robbing your peace!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) says give up extravagance and be modest in your expenditure do not forget your tomorrow in the pleasures of today.


Aromas of coffee soothes and calm

it relieves my headaches like a balm!

to be at home i felt so cozy and warm

I’m having my healing coffee and homely jam!

I was invited in an extravagant pot luck

once in a while it`s okay

But always it sucks

I have to spend money i have to spend time

in nothing just dj dance disco not kind!

I prefer to study and make some coffee

sitting cozy on my chair soft and lofty!

Greeting the peace harmony of my life

away from noise away from all strife

I would prefer to calmly sit

beside my bonfire pit!

What a peaceful joy it brings away from noise

im studying im watching tv with all my poise!

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