The power of compassion!

If anger injures, compassion heals if anger is fire, then water is compassion. There is immense and infinite power in being compassionate check out what you can do with this power.

Prophet Mohammed(SAW) said “Verily Allah is the most compassionate one and he is fond of compassion, he gives to the compassionate what he does not give to the harsh.”

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said “be like the kind compassionate doctor to all human kind who places remedy where it will be of benefit to others.”

1- You can win people`s heart with compassion and improve your social connections and relationships.

2- You can send spiritual healing energy towards others with compassion and you can also heal yourself with self compassion.

3- You can increase joy happiness and reduce stress with compassion!

4- Compassion gives peace of mind makes you mindful, present, healthy and calm person.

5-Compassion can end the ongoing fight

6- compassion can create miracles and it is the best way to feel yourself in others shoes and solve problems.

7- Compassion improves immune system

The true meaning of idle talk and it`s negative effects!

Idle talk what is it? it is a useless and foolish talk which can lead to sins or just a waste of time.

Idle talk is also referred as singing and dancing and a talk which takes us away from the remembrance of Allah and misguide us towards the wrong path. This kind of talk must be avoided because it harms us.

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said “Beware of idle talk because it harms the soul and earns you disgrace and blame.”

How can it harm the soul?

It harms the soul because person engaging in idle talk forgets Allah and gets tempted and edgy to do sins.

How can it earns disgrace?

Idle talk encourages us to get a nasty mouth which utters bad and filth and wastes time and thus earns disgrace.

How can it earns you blame?

If something happens practically because of your foolish filthy suggestions then nobody else but it is you who earns the blame.

Hazrath Ali (R.A) says “the more you become wiser the more your desire to talk decreases and you prefer silence more than anything else in your life.”

Your sustenance and provision gets blocked by this!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) says that nobody has a power to withhold your sustenance or bestow upon you except the creator Allah!

Allah has written our provision, sustenance in our divine decree:

nobody can change it and nobody can stop that bounties coming your way and nobody has strength to block that which has been written already for you.

Envy and Sins are two things which can block your sustenance and provisions which has been written for you.

People who envy always vibrate poisonous and negative energy towards you:

This can block your path to success and create hurdles and your own sins which displeases Allah is also the main reason why you do not get what has been already written for you.

Just think Allah loves his each and every creation more than 70 mothers will he do anything bad to you? No it is you yourself who do bad to yourself by disobeying Allah and not remembering him and then you question back why this has happened to me?

And irony to all things is that “you attract envy and negative energy only when you become vulnerable to it and your own sins makes you vulnerable to negative energy.”

Through patience great things are accomplished!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said it is only with patience, consistency and leniency in difficult situations great things are acquired!

Hazrath Ali(R.A) also said if you be patient at those bitter times then Allah kept something great to stun you to a level that you forget the harshness of your affliction.

The same law applies to online earning and making money online.

People want fast money they want to do and see the results then and there or shortly but this is not the case if you want to earn income online then you have got to be patient and consistent. Though it takes time but one day you will see the results. And may be the results start coming very slowly.

you will not become millionaire over night if any scheme or course or any software is promising you this then realize and tell to yourself that it is a scam. In todays world nobody is going to pay you a penny if they do not get any benefit from you. If you give something valuable then only you will get something valuable.

A false blame can be heavy than a sky!

blame what is it? It is a weight of a sin which is invisible!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) has said Putting a false blame on an innocent person can be heavy like a mountain and sky!


What is blame?

It is weight of a sin!

Blames are heavy that`s the reason why we feel extremely hurt when someone blame us if it is true we feel hurt and if we are at no fault then we feel so hurt that it becomes unforgettable for us.

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Says One is not brave and strong who crush others with their sword and possess great physical strength but one is indeed brave and strong who has a power to let go.

This is so true forgiving is infinitely powerful if we know the power of forgiving we will forgive everyone every day and just let go.

If you forgive the one who put a wrong allegations on you then they will never bother you what bothers you is only Allah and his obedience and happiness.

The solution to get relief from this heaviness of blame is to forgive and let go and be silent at the time of anger.

In one of my article i have mentioned 60% of the success of your marriage depends on how you handle blame if you could handle it and just let go and forgive then you are a winner and nobody can stop you from being the one.

Your suffering speaks about your good days

Hazrath Ali (R.A) says “ The time when suffering becomes unbearable know that relief is closest.” Make Duaa and remember Allah always!

Whenever there comes problem in our lives we tackle and handle it with patience, we suffer and suffer and just let go and just bear with it but when we could bear it no more often it happens that the suffering ends making much noise and hurting us and then the healing and relief starts coming in.

It happened many times and i have got this experience tell me how many of us have gone through same things in life?

In whatever problem you are in just remind yourself that it surely has an ending. And Allah will give you relief soon as he is the most merciful and compassionate one.
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