Excess of silence creates awe!

Silence is inner divine beauty

Hazrath Ali says excess of silence produces reverential respect and wonder.

My personal view about silence

is it is very hard to start being silent but once you are into it you will enjoy the beauty of silence, and it is hard to stop talking and be silent once you start off but once you cross that line it is again a joy to be silent. It saves your energy and it protects you from others negative energy. And it is in silence only you understand things and people or situations deeply and in a right way.

Most of all you will find Allah only in silence.

What mistakes i personally do with my speech is i reveal about my future plans or things to do spontaneously without thinking and be a victim of negative energy of others showering on me.

As Hazrath Ali says achieve your goals in silence

never tell what you are about to do to others their negative energy will block your path to success.

You be silent

you will be protected

Once when fright anxiety helplessness


You will be silent

you will be safe!

take the name of Allah i do not fake!

you will be silent

the best thing to do

when arguement burns like fire

be intelligent and cool!

never argue with a fool!

You will be silent

you will never regret

it will create reverence and awe!

silence is a beauty not to forget!

you will be silent

you will achieve divine

Your goals your thoughts your personality


with love


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