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Sinning is a Disease


Human suffer from diseases and find for cure in medicines and other material things but they do not know that first the disease starts coming from your spirit or from your soul and then it takes into a physical form. Here you will know how you can get rid of a disease budding inside your soul.

Hazrath Ali says it is only sinning which ruins our soul and its energy and make us vulnerable and make it easy for diseases to attack our body.

Sinning itself is a disease:

And pure repentance, I mean the pure and honest repentance which comes from the heart and a determination of not repeating the same sin, is a medicine to your disease, and abstinence of sins is a sure cure. If you abstain completely from sins with a firm determination, you have cured yourself from diseases forever.

Have you ever wondered why some people are gifted with good health?

Even though they are double and triple your age and some people, even though they are so young, you will find them always falling sick frequently.


I have observed some people in my own life myself. My research about those old and healthy people is very stunning.

People who do not fall sick and are healthy have vast control of their tongue, use it wisely, and do not waste time on useless talk, especially gossip.

And why they are so healthy is because I often find them very clean, maintaining much hygiene, keeping themselves busy in some activity, and eating plain but nutritious food as their daily routine.

They wake up early, they sleep early, they eat on time, and they do not bother anybody; they are always busy in their own world.

The best example is my 106-year-old grandmother

Who lived a very long healthy life, and I have never ever seen her visiting any doctor.

What did she do?

She does nothing. She stays away from sins and spends most of her time in ablutions prayers. Her favorite activity was sewing and stitching extra-ordinarily beautiful handmade fans of the olden days, which we used when there was no electricity at home.

My grandmother always ate milk and wheat chapatis in the morning and in the early night, and she used to have home-cooked fresh meals for her lunch. She never ate spicy and non-veg food.

And it is a miracle at 106 years old; she walks like a healthy person without the help of any stick.

In conclusion

most of us are common people, and common people have a common habit of backbiting, telling lies for our own benefit, and gossiping. We also have this common habit of overspending on luxuries, eating out more often than necessary, skipping our prayers, etc., which displeases Allah.

If we could write a sorry list and say sincere sorry to god and repent, then we can have an account of our bad deeds and try our best to avoid them in our lives.

Ultimately what is our goal

To live a healthy, happy life, why not give this a shot and learn to do good and quit bad?

If Allah is pleased with you, then it does not matter if anybody is happy with you or not. Realize that you are on your way to success, health, and wealth.

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