The power of a prayer

Hazrath Ali(RA) Says if you pray for others Allah and his angels will shower his mercy and blessings on you to that extent that you do not need to pray for yourself!

Hazrath Ali says that if you come to know how much Allah showers his mercy on you and how many angels shower mercy on you when you are prostrating you will never put your head up from prostration.

When you pray for others, Allah will make you so powerful and strong enough to be an able person to fulfill others needs and wants, he will bless you so many gifts and grant you health wealth and such intense joy and life force that you will never need to pray for yourself.

The minute you are giving you are a success

the minute you are selfish you are a failure

in this i believe and this is so true!

Here is a short poem on the power of prayer!

The power of prayer is still unknown

seeds of prosperity you have sown!

You will hardly come to know

fresh life force you have grown!

I was praying for my mother

crying and sobbing morning and day

asking Allah continuously to heal her

and make a way

Allah has started again,

my mothers life wheel!

He has given her health back and heal!

Never neglect the power of prayer unknown!

seeds of prosperity you have sown!

with love


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