Unknown situations when prayers are answered quickly

There are certain times when prayers are answered for sure and if you are unaware of those times here is the list!


Hazrath Ali (RA) says Do not cry on your pillow for that will not change anything instead cry praying on your praying mat and Allah will grant you ease after hardship.

There are certain times when prayers are answered for sure

1- Laylatul Qadr the night of Angels the night of Quran, the 28th night of Ramadan.

2- The time before dawn

3- Between the Adan

4-When rain falls

5- When you are drinking Zam Zam water.

6- Certain time on Friday

7-When hearing the crowing of a rooster.

8-When sun has passed it`s zenith before zuhar.

9- Dua after getting up from the night`s sleep.

The above are all practical times when prayers are answered but i want to tell you some unknown moments when your prayers are answered by Allah.

1- When you suddenly gets hurt:

 and bruise or wound yourself and you are in pain pray to Allah at this time of striking pain your prayer would be answered that is why the woman who is in labor pains during her delivery time her prayers are always answered quickly by Allah.

2- When your heart pounds with fear and anxiety 

and helplessness struck you that time also your prayers are answered. When you are extremely afraid of something pray to Allah fall in prostration that time Allah will answer your prayers.

3- When you got punished and you realized your mistake and your heart feels grief full of repentance

 that time also your prayer is answered Hazrath Ali(RA) Says Allah is very pleased when a person feel sorry for the bad deed and repent and he consider that person to be better than a person who is proud about his good deeds.

4- When you are sick but still you pray for someone`s good

 Allah will not only heal you but also answer your prayers.

5- When someone hurt your feelings badly and you fail:

As i stated above when your emotions and feelings are hurt when you loose opportunity and get failure that time instead of crying on your pillow if you cry praying on your praying mat Allah will grant you success in coming future and will change your destiny in future only if you work hard dedicatingly with undivided devotion towards your work. Never quit and do not lose hope because quitters never win and winners never quit.

6- A mother`s sincere prayer for her children:

Let me tell you a true story of a true incident as a perfect example of the power of a mother`s prayer.

There is a mother who has a 7 year old son who was suffering from rare disease and requires a special doctor for treatment after much toil and enquiries the mother comes to know that there is one top and best Doctor who can heal his son, she gets the appointment and to her shock she got appointment after 6 months. People said that this doctor is so popular and important that we have to wait a long time till our turn comes.

Mother was crying and praying hard for her son day and night, her cries and sobbing was listened by Allah.

One day an aeroplane was not working properly so it stopped on one unknown place and engineers were trying to repair, all the people who was in the flight got down and the Doctor was in the same flight.

He was walking on the streets and was feeling very thirsty so he knocked the door and mother of sick son opens the door wiping her tears.

The Doctor asked for water.

She gets a glass of water and give it to him and then she asked his name.

Doctor told his name and also informed that he is a Doctor.

The mother got stunned because he is the same Doctor she has been desperately waiting and he came here by himself knocking her door.

She informed him about her son`s situation and his late appointment.

Doctor treated her son and he got well.

This is a miracle and miracles do happen.

Allah has listened to the mother`s prayer for her son.

These are some of the unknown situations when your prayers are definitely answered. Try it in your life iam sure you will never regret learning and knowing about it.

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