First voice of the soul the perfect way to avoid mistakes

Have you ever listened to the first voice coming from your soul it is actually a direction or a voice and a secret message of Allah to you as Allah stays in each and everyone`s heart and he speaks to us and give us directions and we do not listen it

We always do mistakes in life

and then we feel sorry about it, learn and then sometimes we repeat the same mistakes and all time feel guilty and sorry about it. Why does it happen again and again?

The reason is we do not listen to the first voice coming from our soul it is a voice from the divine super power it is the voice of Allah.

And we ignore it and listen to the second voice which makes us do mistakes and become mistake king and queens of our lives.

Sometimes i think why i did not get this idea of listening this divine voice?

The first voice that speaks after you wake up:

And whenever we do mistake or others hurt us or harm us get up from your sleep after night`s sleep you will be amazed your soul make you feel the truth and it speaks to you as soon as you get up if you are guilty it makes you feel so if others are hurting you and harming you it makes you feel their mischief coming towards you.

And sometimes when we are about to do mistake some voice from inside direct us towards right direction and we ignore it and listen to the second practical voice and achieve failure and regret later.

It is really very important to listen to the first voice of your soul:

as it will help you in your life to achieve success health and wealth and also will always help you avoid mistakes and do something which is right.

You will come to know if you listen this voice you will one day become the perfectionist and people will start calling you one and will come to you to take your advise on their matters and issues.

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