The power and value of patience

Hazrath Ali says those people are not an example of valor and gallantry who kill others with their sword but those people who has an ability to forgive and let go WHO ARE PATIENT when others do wrong to them are a perfect example of bravery and valor.

Those are not brave who crush others and kill with their sword

Those are brave who have a power to let go Hazrath Ali (R.A) quotes.

Allah subhann tallah says in Quraan “innallaha muaasaabireen”

TRANSLATION: “Allah is with those who are patient.”

We struggle daily to be patient we lose temper sometimes we feel angry towards our children, our maids, our family members our spouse etc we cannot control our temper and frequently burst out at others but what if we remain patient. Hazrath Ali says i will be patient till patience get tired of my patience what a beautiful and heart melting quote is this.

We cannot even touch patience forget about patience being tired of our patience. Can we become patient?

Then how?

We can become patient in three ways:

1- Make a promise to Allah:

We must not have noticed but we lose temper 90% mostly because if somebody blame us for our no fault or misunderstand us and take our services for granted. If we promise Allah today that we will never react if someone blame us and will respond sometimes later patiently then this problem would be solved just imagine 90% of your problem is solved by following just this.

2- Practice fasting:

Only few people must be knowing immense benefits a fasting can have on our physical and spiritual health. Fasting does wonders and miracles and you know what it will give you gigantic self control which can control your desires and control your emotions and i must say your temper would cool down with fasting.

3- Forgive others and let go:

It is easy just to say i forgive you but it is really hard to forgive others practically because the anger comes again and again whenever the trigger button is pressed so whenever you feel angry commit yourself that you will forgive and when you do this again and again repeatedly finally you will achieve your goal, you will forgive practically and it needs practice. This is going to calm you and give you the gift of patience.

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