Knowledge is better than wealth!

Daily we strive hard to earn money, we run after money and we all want wealth in our lives but there is something which is better than money and wealth and that is Knowledge!

Hazrath Ali(R.A) says “Knowledge is better than wealth and see you have got to protect wealth so much but knowledge it protects you.”

How Knowledge protects you?

It protect you in many ways

1- It provides you knowledge about upcoming turmoil or disaster.

2- It provides you ways to escape and tackle negative people or stress.

3- It can help you have faith and be positive in hard times

4-And it can help you to help others

And then we cannot imagine knowledge can help you in many countless ways. Ignorance is a punishment but a knowledge is a true and infinite blessing to a mankind.

Knowledge is endless like an infinite ocean

dive deep into it still you grabbed a portion

Sometimes it`s tasty sometimes bitter or sour

grab it expand it daily because it is your power!

with love


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