Are you a people pleaser then these are the side effects!

Never be a people pleaser because Humans are designed to be mostly ungrateful to people and they take many things as granted.

Hazrath Ali (R.A) says One who obeys Allah will not be bothered by the displeasure of people!

There are many people who live for people and care much about their position, image and prestige, they do anything to get respect and acceptance from the society.

What they do not know is

“In actuality and practically people do not really care”

They are only interested in gossips and spreading rumours even if you strive hard to please and get their acceptance they will have problem with something or the other.

We cannot please people and get totally accepted by them and this is the truth but to tell the truth we can get acceptance, true love and compassion from god if we obey him and people who obey Allah will never be bothered by the displeasure of people.

Suppose for example Allah has forbidden us to drink alcohol and if your friend insist and request you hard to drink and have a peg with him or her then choose Allah and obey him even though you have got to displease your friend.

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