Flaws of using tongue the wrong way

Even if you restrain yourself from speaking lies, back biting and slandering still you can make mistake with your tongue and annoy people here is how?


Hazrath Ali (R.A) says “Don`t give advice to people who consider their opinion as enough”.

Hazrath Ali (R.A) also said “Do not argue even when you are right.”

We sometimes end up arguing if we are right and we start giving advices to people thinking that we are wise enough to advice them for their good who does not really value your advice and take it as a discouragement and unnecessary thing.

The great saying of Moula Ali would help us to stop advising people we must only advice if they ask you and request you for it and stop those waste of time arguments we are just wasting time on person who can never completely and totally understand us even if he or she can they don`t want to spend their time and emotion to understand us.

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