A false blame can be heavy than a sky!

blame what is it? It is a weight of a sin which is invisible!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) has said Putting a false blame on an innocent person can be heavy like a mountain and sky!


What is blame?

It is weight of a sin!

Blames are heavy that`s the reason why we feel extremely hurt when someone blame us if it is true we feel hurt and if we are at no fault then we feel so hurt that it becomes unforgettable for us.

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Says One is not brave and strong who crush others with their sword and possess great physical strength but one is indeed brave and strong who has a power to let go.

This is so true forgiving is infinitely powerful if we know the power of forgiving we will forgive everyone every day and just let go.

If you forgive the one who put a wrong allegations on you then they will never bother you what bothers you is only Allah and his obedience and happiness.

The solution to get relief from this heaviness of blame is to forgive and let go and be silent at the time of anger.

In one of my article i have mentioned 60% of the success of your marriage depends on how you handle blame if you could handle it and just let go and forgive then you are a winner and nobody can stop you from being the one.

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