Your sustenance and provision gets blocked by this!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) says that nobody has a power to withhold your sustenance or bestow upon you except the creator Allah!

Allah has written our provision, sustenance in our divine decree:

nobody can change it and nobody can stop that bounties coming your way and nobody has strength to block that which has been written already for you.

Envy and Sins are two things which can block your sustenance and provisions which has been written for you.

People who envy always vibrate poisonous and negative energy towards you:

This can block your path to success and create hurdles and your own sins which displeases Allah is also the main reason why you do not get what has been already written for you.

Just think Allah loves his each and every creation more than 70 mothers will he do anything bad to you? No it is you yourself who do bad to yourself by disobeying Allah and not remembering him and then you question back why this has happened to me?

And irony to all things is that “you attract envy and negative energy only when you become vulnerable to it and your own sins makes you vulnerable to negative energy.”

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