The true meaning of idle talk and it`s negative effects!

Idle talk what is it? it is a useless and foolish talk which can lead to sins or just a waste of time.

Idle talk is also referred as singing and dancing and a talk which takes us away from the remembrance of Allah and misguide us towards the wrong path. This kind of talk must be avoided because it harms us.

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said “Beware of idle talk because it harms the soul and earns you disgrace and blame.”

How can it harm the soul?

It harms the soul because person engaging in idle talk forgets Allah and gets tempted and edgy to do sins.

How can it earns disgrace?

Idle talk encourages us to get a nasty mouth which utters bad and filth and wastes time and thus earns disgrace.

How can it earns you blame?

If something happens practically because of your foolish filthy suggestions then nobody else but it is you who earns the blame.

Hazrath Ali (R.A) says “the more you become wiser the more your desire to talk decreases and you prefer silence more than anything else in your life.”

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