The power of compassion!

If anger injures, compassion heals if anger is fire, then water is compassion. There is immense and infinite power in being compassionate check out what you can do with this power.

Prophet Mohammed(SAW) said “Verily Allah is the most compassionate one and he is fond of compassion, he gives to the compassionate what he does not give to the harsh.”

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said “be like the kind compassionate doctor to all human kind who places remedy where it will be of benefit to others.”

1- You can win people`s heart with compassion and improve your social connections and relationships.

2- You can send spiritual healing energy towards others with compassion and you can also heal yourself with self compassion.

3- You can increase joy happiness and reduce stress with compassion!

4- Compassion gives peace of mind makes you mindful, present, healthy and calm person.

5-Compassion can end the ongoing fight

6- compassion can create miracles and it is the best way to feel yourself in others shoes and solve problems.

7- Compassion improves immune system

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