Best remedies to avoid car sickness!

Hazrath Ali quotes your sickness is from you and remedy is within you

If you suffer from car sickness then this article is for you as it provides you with best remedies to avoid car sickness!

Before starting this article i would like to say that ALL SICKNESS IS PSYCHOLOGICAL. if you have strong will power and powerful immune system then you will not feel down and sick.

Hazrath Ali (R.A) quotes are words of wisdom your sickness is actually from you and it is only in your energy in your thinking and the remedy is inside you only if you could sense it and whatever you want to seek in this world is actually present inside you.

Take love if you want to get love search it inside you then you will find an ocean of infinite love flowing inside your heart.

If only you could understand this you will never go for pills. Sometimes medicine doesn’t work.

If you are wondering why your motion sickness pills did not work while you are going on a long drive?

Then there are answers. You must be doing these mistakes and the best remedies to avoid car sickness is here down below.

1- Do not sit in the car just after you eat:

I myself suffer from car sickness many times so I know about these things whenever I eat and sit in the car I vomit.

2- Do not eat sweet and have tea or coffee just before the drive:

It happened many times to me that`s why i never eat sweets if i have got to sit in the car.

3- Have quality sleep and do not be sleep deprived or tired before the drive:

This is the main reason for your car sickness, have a good night’s sleep and don`t take stressed relax you will enjoy the ride.

4- Pass the regular poops:

If you do not pass your regular poops then it creates acid and gas inside your belly and then it comes up quickly when you are on your drive and got stuck in the traffic. This is also the leading cause of getting car sick inside the car.

5- Take out the acid from your system first thing in the morning:

If you suffer from acidity then the best solution is to take out acid from your system through vomit just after you wake up and have passed your poop.

6-Have your lunch lightly salty meal one hour before the drive:

If you are going for a drive do not be empty stomach because if you feel weak you will be quick to feel sick inside the car.

7- Carry coke and cool mineral water:

This is the best remedy which always worked for me. Coke removes my nausea and cool water makes me feel calm and relieved always carry these two things with me.

8- Sit in the front seat:

If you sit in the front you are less likely to feel sick because there is less of motion when you sit in front.

9- Take a deep breathe in the air of A/C:

This is also one way to feel good and it helps in making your spirits high and avoid you from being down and sick.

10- Do not move in the car here and there continuously:

once you get tired and stressed and your inside system becomes irritated inside the car you will become car sick so avoid this.

11- Do not take short naps:

I have noticed once i get up from my nap i feel the motion of car soundly and then tension develops leading to getting sick inside.

12- Do not forcibly stop yourself from going to the loo:

if you feel to go remove your burden and do not sit with burden in your belly. You will get sick otherwise again. IF YOU ARE DRINKING LOTS OF WATER THEN USE REST ROOM OFTEN.

If you follow all these steps below you do not even have to take the motion sickness pills you will be alright and fine.



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