Lists of things which are wasting your time!

Your time is precious and it has to be utilized for good. Make yourself more productive and tick mark the list of time wasters which are making you a procrastinator and stealing your golden time.

1- Video games and computer games:

Now a days people spent much time playing games which is waste of time. Though playing for a limited time is good as it increases your sharpness and alertness of mind and IQ level but still indulging yourself more in this can waste your time.

2- Watching tv shows and serials or long series:

Sometimes when we are sad it`s good to watch some entertaining children’s movie or cartoons but spending more than half of your time in watching tv can waste your time.

3- Social media:

It`s good to be on social media up to some level but if you are on social media chatting and messaging friends for whole day is bad it will make you a procrastinator and delay your good dealings of life.

4- Newspapers and News :

I do not know why but i do not like news and news channels and even news papers because they give mostly bad news and program our mind negatively. If you want to be a positive person then stay away from news as it discourages you to move ahead in life.

5- chit chatting :

Talking to friends is healing and create happiness but if you are all the time giggling and chit chatting with friends can steal much of your precious time. You can utilize that time to study instead.

6- Talking on mobile phones :

I observed in today`s modern days many people waste their time with a single mobile phone, they are always seen looking at mobiles or texting someone on WhatsApp or having long conversations on mobile with friends and cousins. This is really a waste of time. Mobile rays are not good for health you must keep yourself away from mobile and use it whenever you feel it is necessary.

7- watching shorts on mobile :

reels and short videos are newer creation of this world which takes your mind into somewhere else and decrease your alertness and presence of mind. People who are watching shorts watch one by one continuously feeling bewitched as if intoxicated by this. And this is becoming like a bad habit which cannot be stopped.

8- Unnecessary parties for no reasons:

Party for a solid reason is good and it is really good to celebrate but we cannot celebrate every day we have got to work and if you are attending those unnecessary parties then drop off as it is a waste of time.

9- shopping for unrequired waste things :

Shopping for necessary things is good but don`t become a shopaholic person who has a habit of keeping on spending on unnecessary items which cannot be used later. It not only waste your hard earned money but also steal away your precious time.

10- Arguing with a fool:

This is one of tiresome and stress producing waste of time and must be avoided.

11- waiting:

If you have got to wait for Doctor or some important meeting then it`s okay but if someone is making you wait and then not coming is definitely giving you stress and wasting your time.

Waiting sometimes is the main cause of anxiety and hyper tension. Waiting is negative and it must be avoided. Divert your mind into something else if anybody is making you wait.

In Conclusion:

So these are the things mentioned above is wasting up your priceless time. Utilize your time for good who knows you may be the next great person who could change this world for the better.

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