Do you self praise? then these are the reactions of people!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said “Remain silent until you are requested to speak for that is better than speaking until you are requested to become silent.”

We see self praising all around! Some people cannot stop talking about themselves and they have no knowledge that personally people dislike one who go on like chatter box and their leading theme of talk is just self praise.

What any one could get by self praise?

The people who actually self praise are broken from inside. They have no confidence on themselves so they start self praising trying to take agreement of surrounding people who think what they are doing is absolutely right. The fact is people cannot speak the truth on your face, they cannot say that what you do or say is a wrong habit out of diplomacy and courtesy.

Self praising people are energy vampires:

People who self praise are in fact trying to steal your life force energy and divert it towards them because they are not connected with their higher self and their life force energy is going through up and down.


Try to maintain distance from this type of people. Make your own boundaries and the best habit to avoid self praising people is to maintain silence in their company, get busy in your daily routine tasks and try to avoid giving much attention to their self praising thoughts.

Why the hell anybody would be interested in your self talk?

People always listen to people who help them and provide solution to their problems and ask about them. They hate from inside people who self praise and go on and on with their own stupid problems and stuff. So be cautious and if you have got this habit then i cannot force you but present to you an idea to stop.

Practice Silence because it saves you from many regrets:

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Surely silence is the most eloquent reply to a fool.

Achieve your goals in silence!

Silence protects you and silence is wisdom.

One day a man came to a saint and ask him how can i control my desires

there are many my desire to talk about myself self praise!

my physical needs

my worldly desires

my material desires

The saint answered three things can control your desires completely and follow these three things.

1- Silence

2- Loneliness

3- Fasting hunger!

Really i have experienced this when iam alone hungry in fasting state and silent i connect to my Allah that time and that is the time my soul starts speaking to me and lulling me to calm sleep.

Connect to the divine with silence loneliness and hunger.

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