What is backbiting? and who are the listeners of it?

Hazrath Ali(R.A) Said “He who bears tales to you certainly bears tales about you.”


Just imagine if someone is coming and telling you tales about others, laughing chuckling and making fun about others on their back, do not you think you are dear to him or her and they will not do same to you. They will certainly do the same thing to you on your back. Be cautious of them.

What is backbiting?

Some people made an exception and excuse that backbiting is gossip, telling tales and spreading rumours. Some others have opinion it is not called backbiting if it is true. Originally backbiting means to tell something on the persons back if he or she listens will feel disgraceful ashamed and hurt. It is still backbiting even if it is true and it is called slander if what you are speaking about the person on their back is a false allegation.

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said “A listener of the backbiter is as bad as backbiter himself.”

Don`t listen to backbiting:

As Allah said not to gossip indulge ourselves in idle talk and restrain ourselves away from backbiting. He also ordered us not to listen to the backbiter and regard the listener of backbiting as equal and same as backbiter himself. So refrain yourself from listening to backbiting.

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said “If something is more grievous and severe than adultery then it is only backbiting.”

If you want to please Allah the high super divine power who created us then stop backbiting and end even listening to the backbiter.

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