Anger and its supernatural Power!

Have you wondered why all these mishaps and accidents happen to people?

Daily in news papers and news channels we listen to sad and tragic stories of feuds, accidents, illnesses, ailments and deaths. There must be many reasons but one of the main reason behind mishaps and calamities is Anger!

Yes, you must be astonished and do not have any clue what I am saying, but what I will tell you further will shock you and open up your eyes for the rest of your life.

Anger is fire and Satan is created with fire, so anger comes from Satan.

That is why Allah has asked us to repress the anger for Allah`s happiness.

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said that Brave and powerful are the one who has an ability to let go and be calm at the time of anger.

He also said that Anger always starts with madness and ends with regret.

I have done deep research on why mishaps and accidents happen. Do not you think that I have escaped; I am also the one who has gone through much in life and has suffered from mishaps.

Why do people suffer? Why do we suffer?

Why are innocent people are killed?

My deep research has given me spiritual answers.

There can be other reasons or maybe no reason, but there are 5 main reasons behind mishaps and accidents.

1- Anger and curses:

Some scientists have done the research. They kept two plants, one in separate rooms, and asked one set of students to curse and utter bad words for one plant and get angry at it daily.

And then asked another set of students to bless, praise, and shower love and compassion on another plant.

Students followed the teacher’s advice and did the same for many days.

The result with a plant that was cursed daily became ill and week day-by-day and finally died.

And the plant which was blessed was flourishing and healthy.

Anger can destroy not only yourself but has a supernatural ability to destroy others’ lives too.

I also experienced this in my own life whenever someone was angry with me

I always used to get hurt then and there or fall and injure myself.

Anger has got a supernatural force. Angry, poisonous rays come and attack you, and they are invisible; you can`t see them.

My research has taken me deeper into supernatural things, and I discovered that this sorcery witchcraft and this black magic are nothing but curses showered on someone`s soul, taking the help of jinns, ghosts, and Satan.

Black magicians call out some evil souls who are usually always angry to shower curses and bad words and all their anger on some innocent person to make them sick and fail them in their life, or even worse, make them die.

2- Lame desires and carelessness towards blessings:

I discovered that 90% of crime against little children happens only when their parents are not around them.

Some parents possess lame desires, and some are extraordinarily ambitious.

A woman spending time chatting with friends on social media did not notice that her little son had sunk into her swimming pool.

There are many, and many I often hear in newspapers and news channels.

Children are great blessings; do not ignore them and take them for granted.

It is human nature we are designed like that, and many people have lame desires when all their focus and attention go towards these useless desires. They take important things for granted and people who matter to them for granted. And here, they give space for negative energy to come in and disturb their life.

3- Unhygienic and disorganized home full of clutter:

Many people must not be knowing negative energy enters into homes where there is clutter and dirt. If you keep yourself and your home organized and clean, no negative energy can enter your house. Keep everything fresh, take a shower daily, and offer your regular prayers. God`s energy enters the home, where cleanliness, hygiene, and prayers are offered.

Negative energy is created and formed with dirt and clutter, which is why these black magicians use all which is dirty to do these evil magics against innocent people.

Prayers strengthen our physical bodies, and there is much practical evidence to prove this right.

4- Sins:

Seriously this is one of the major reasons for calamities and troubles in your life. Sins make you weak, spoil your spiritual immune system, and make you much more vulnerable to becoming so weak and attracting all negative energies toward you. If you obey Allah and stop your sins, he will be there to protect you.

5- stolen life force energy because of energy vampires.

Energy vampires are all around us, and we do not know. These people often steal your life force energy because they have blocked their flow of life force, and how do they do that?

Have you ever observed? When we are too much afraid and full of anxiety at that time, we give up our life force in the hands of the opposite person who suddenly feels powerful in a devilish way. Some people use this give-in energy in the wrong way. They will scare you more, or some people make fun of you or ignore you, and very few try to calm you down.

An energy vampire is a person who lives in an illusion, who follows the wrong ways and paths, and blocks their life force. Then, they look out for others and steal others’ energy.

“Energy flows where the attention goes.”

If you do not give attention to an energy vampire, they cannot do anything to you, meaning they cannot harm you.

Often an energy vampire talks endlessly and tries hard to get your attention towards them. If you do not listen and have become successful in avoiding them, then you are a winner.

What is the solution to all this?

The solution is simple

1- Stop getting angry and stop cursing :

I know it`s hard, especially for a short-tempered person with temper problems, but you can do it. Nothing is impossible. Drink a glass of cool water, sit down, lie down on the floor, relax and remember Allah because he is the one who is going to help you.

Stop for Allah, and Allah will always be with you.

2- Be responsible and thankful for your blessings:

Carelessness is ignorance; taking loved ones and things for granted is a disease. Be alert and responsible for all your blessings, and offer a sincere thank you to everyone.

3- Keep yourself and your home clean and tidy and organized; in short, plan your life:

Prophet Mohammed (SAW) has said, “ cleanliness is half faith.”

He used to take a shower daily, and it is sunnah.

Do the household chores, organize the home, and keep everything organized, tidy, and ready for prayers.

4- Restrain yourself from sins and do good deeds:

This is also one hard task because often, the human mind becomes accustomed to doing things; they make it their habit, and it is very hard to break the habit. But it is not impossible; one can do it if they have strong determination.

5- Be so powerful and present-minded that no energy vampire could control you:

Everything which is unnecessary happens only because you are weak. Make yourself so strong, alert, present-minded, and intelligent so no energy vampire can come and control you.

6- And one Miraculous solution to end all the problems is Compassion:

Prophet Mohammed(SAW) said If a man sees another with hatred and envy they vibrate poison which destroys other and if a man sees another with love and compassion it create healing and happiness.

When you are compassionate, you understand others,

when you are compassionate, you create and invent for others

when you are compassionate, you heal and vibrate healing energy.

When you are compassionate, you create miracles.

That is why a mother is a perfect example of compassion and love.

Be compassionate and make your compassion so contagious that it spreads throughout the world and heals everyone.

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