Spiritual shop and spiritual deliveries

You must be thinking what is this all about? But this is a truth! People could only see physical shops online shops and when they order products they could see their physical products being delivered to their doors. Then What is spiritual shop? and what about it`s spiritual deliveries?


Hazrath Ali(R.A) said Hide your blessings and bounties and do not speak about them to protect yourself from envy and evil eyes.

Spiritual shop is your own aura and energy yes your own life force energy, your own positive and negative energy which you create with your own thoughts and emotions is your spiritual shop and when people contact you they are actually ordering products from your shop and they receive the products of your shop! Now what kind of product you have totally depends on you.

If you have hatred and jealousy in your heart that energy is delivered to your opposite person who contact you.

If you have love and compassion that thing is transferred to the person who contact you. And the same goes vice versa.

Black magicians and sorcerers send negative energy towards you with the help of witches and evil souls:

Those bad souls are always angry and cursing, they bring bad and evil energy of destruction actually ordered by magicians to be sent to you.

 sometimes helping others can be harmful to you:

peeping and barging inside others feuds and matters put all their negative energy come towards you instead of them. And what mishap was going to happen to them will actually happen with you, because you took their responsibility unnecessary on your shoulders.

I remembered my olden days some of my relative family members were struggling to get married because they are crossing age and has poor source of income and there was no hope for marriage. My parents barged inside their matter and they contact a match maker and helped in every great deal to get our older cousins get married. During this time, when good things start happening in their home, bad things start happening in our home, my parents got sick, i got sick we were making trips to hospitals, and then fell into debts, there was sometimes no food at home. And i use to see illusions in my dreams that their things are getting transferred towards us.

The people who have sorrow cannot give happiness to others:

hurt people hurt others

Angry people angry others

sad people make others sad

happy people make others happy.

And people who have strong negative energy if you contact them and get involve in their matters, that energy shift from them to you and your positive energy gets transferred towards them.

As a result what good was in your store goes in their store and what`s bad in their store come to you.

It is the fact and ultimate truth because what you have got in your shop you will deliver the same thing to others. If you do not have happiness in your shop how can you give it to others.

When we are making matrimonial alliance with someone we must keep this in mind,

 we must see what they do not have? What they lack?

And what they can give it to us spiritually.

They will try to take away what they lack and do not have if they can`t they will feel envious always towards you and if they have sorrow they will always make you feel sad one too.

Right to choose and right of choice:

 Evil people choose to put all their negative weight on you and climb on top of you. And good people no matter how much they suffer in life they will try their best to bless others and do not wish to put any weight on you and they never envy. We cannot say if any person wishes our good or bad if we involve ourselves in their matters then if they do not possess compassion for you and if they only intend to use you for their profit then you are surely going to suffer by helping those type of people.

The perfect example is i was travelling with my momma and visited holy place their at one place my momma could not stamp her foot down from a high platform, i was standing down i helped her, she did not put much weight on me and managed to come down, but other ladies of 60 to 80 kgs. they were putting all their weight on me and coming down and it was troubling me, i moved a back and it was object worthy.

People use others in this way they do not possess any compassion for others, just imagine 60 and 80 kgs ladies putting all their weight on little girl of 35 kgs just because i was helping my mother to come down.

That is why when we do something good for people who are noble they will bless us and i do not say every time but sometimes helping strangers or people who do not have compassion for you can have bad effect on your life.

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