The true definition of being rich

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said that “ the ruler who has treasures but still he is greedy for more land to conquer is a poor person when compared to a common man who heart is thankful and peaceful and he is happy even if he eats half stomach.”

This world thinks that people who has got lot of money, property and bank balance are rich people but they are actually poor if they are not satisfied and contented with their life.

Money can give you the softest and most comfortable bedding but it cannot give you sleep the quality of calm sleep.

Money can give you delicious and luxurious food but it cannot give you hunger.

Money can give you fame and name but it cannot give you the true love of your loved ones.

If you have got farm house Mercedes and big bungalow and huge bank balance but still if you are not satisfied and happy with your life then you are poor and those who have got love, togetherness, good health and a happy heart full of gratitude towards Allah then he or she is the happiest soul on earth.

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Hazrath Ali (R.A) said “ Whatever you seek outside is actually inside you, And the whole universe exists in you.”

Whatever you are searching outside in other people be it love, compassion , opportunities or money that richness and love in fact exist inside your soul.

Truly if you feel full, complete, abundant then that is enough to start your journey to become rich. And this book will teach you how to be happy in life and how to attract richness and infinite possibilities with the richness of your mind.

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