3 traits of a foolish stupid person

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said those who possess these 3 traits in their character are foolish and stupid..


Once a man was arguing with one person at the time of Hazrath Ali (R.A)

Imam Ali (R.A) called him and ask him why he is arguing with a fool?

Arguing with a fool is like putting wood in burning fire. No matter what you say or do he is not going to listen and understand you.

The man asked Hazrath Ali(R.A)

Your highness how can i know that someone is a fool?

Hazrath Ali(R.A) Said there are 3 traits in a foolish person.

1-He never listen to others and always the first one to speak his mind.

2- He gets angry quickly and answers back without even knowing and understanding the opposite person and the whole situation.

3- He always involve himself in self praise and love to listen his praise from others.

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