8 Habits of woman which destroys home!

Imam Jafar Sadiq (R.A) Said These 8 habits of woman ruins life and destroys home.


Those 8 habits are:

1- Biting nails with mouth

2- Sleeping for long and waking up late

3- Cooking food when being dirty without taking a shower

4- Not taking god`s name when distributing food among all family members

5- Not being sincere and loyal to husband

6- Backbiting complaining about household and husband and telling lies

7- Cleaning home with cloth or wearing garments at night time

8- Staying less at in-laws home and staying more at mum`s place

Be cautious these habits can ruin your life and destroys the peace of your home. Allah loves the woman who repress her anger for Allah`s happiness do not speak lies and backbite and be always loyal and grateful to her husband.

Bad habits are actually created and formed by us and good habits are also the same. It is said miracles happen to those who build good habits and our subconscious mind is more powerful than a conscious mind and it gives respond to habits which we form. Consistency is the key to success and if you want to break your bad habit forever and instill good habits in you to change your life into better than the best then you must read this ebook

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Ancient and unknown ways to lose weight faster!

Do you know ancient and unknown secrets to lose weight faster? Here i have a cinderella secret!


Mind exercises:

You must be a person who has tried proper healthy diet, exercises and also must have tried detox methods to lose weight. But i have a secret good news for you.

Try Mind exercises like


Meditation like praying and chanting healing prayer creates miracles in your life. And it also helps you to lose weight faster.

2- Yoga:

There are many mind yoga exercises which you must try. Yoga is life changing method and it helps you a great deal in losing weight.

3- Breathing exercises:

These exercises requires energy and it not only calms and empties the mind but also helps in losing weight.

4- Positive affirmations and self hypnosis:

Many ebooks on kindle and everywhere contains the miraculous benefits you can have by adopting these habits. They can change your life and also helps in losing those extra pounds on your belly.

5 -Do a job which requires you to put your mind power into it:

When you put all your heart and mind on your job and do it passionately with hard work you gain success and you do not even realize you lose weight and shed off that ugly fats from your body with your success.

6- Write a story:

Do something which requires you to think and write and this helps in losing weight.

7- Study:

Do you know you can lose weight by studying, learning or doing research on a topic and making a project yes that`s right take up an online course and study you not even learn a new skill but even lose weight and get rid of your obesity.

And few more secret ways to lose weight faster is to go for

1- Hijama:

If you do not know what is hijama then google it and you will be amazed to know about this ancient technique and sunnah method of detoxification of your body, it completely removes toxins out from your body and give healing and clean you spiritually too. This hijama helped millions get back their health and also lose weight.

2- Fasting:

There are many health benefits of fasting and this is the correct way to lose weight faster. Allah would be pleased with you and will make you powerful spiritually and this also helps in shedding bad fats and cholesterol out from your system.


3- Water fast:

Drink detox waters, drink lots of plain water, coconut water and have fruit juices and hot soups that`s it you will be astonished what amazing benefits this water fast can bring it to you.

4- Enemas daily:

Try this method too it helps in getting relief from many problems like pimples, hair problems, obesity etc. This secret method can clean your system and detoxify your body and also help in losing belly fat easily and faster.

5- Cold shower:

If you do not know i will tell you cold shower can help you lose weight What? Do not believe?

Try and then beleive me.

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These 4 habits can make your brain weak

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Said that these 4 habits has an ability to weaken your brain power.


1- Speaking loud and listening to loud music:

Speaking loudly and laughing loudly and engaging in crap good for nothing conversation not only steals away your precious time but also has an ability to weak your brain power and listening to loud music does the same.

2- Eating too much especially fried non-veg:

Eating too much is the cause of obesity, diabetes, BP, and many problems. Prophet Mohammed (SAW) ate very less, always ate in company, ate slowly and he ate non-veg only on special occasions and mostly he ate vegetables, porridge and dates. And it is sunnah to follow him. Eating too much is a sin and it is called gluttony and it harms you and weakens your brain power and intelligence.

3- Not giving exercise to body and sitting at one place for long time:

Hard work is the key to success and hard work is also the key to good health. If you want to be healthy then you have got to give exercise to your body, just do it and do whatever it is follow your passions and give all your heart to one task a day.

4- Not listening and learning from people:

When a person feels he or she has learnt enough and do not give room to listen and learn from people then they are in a big illusion. Life is all about learning and it is an endless ocean you are always learning till death.

So learn and learn from people around you.

It is easy when you are strongly determined to quit your bad habits and adopt success habits in place of it.

This ebook is a great master piece in helping you quit bad habits and replace it with good ones The Power of Success habits by Michael Winicott.

5 Habits which can make you wonderful!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said there are 5 main habits which can make you always appealing and wonderful as a person.


1- Having a cool mind :

It means not being short-tempered and angry towards the creation of Allah. Always having a calm mind which can feel others feelings and also feel every moment of their life to live life to the fullest.

2- Being soft-hearted and compassionate:

A harsh and hard-hearted person can never win others heart because their heart is so hard that it does not have any feelings for others pains and suffering but a kind and compassionate person wins others trust and also affection.

3- Always Having pleasant smile on face:

No matter how much you suffer if you have that pleasant smile on your face Allah would be pleased with you and so do others be.

4- Having sweet tongue:

People who find faults and mistakes and hurt others always fails because the anger and curses of people and their negative energy vibrates towards that person but a person who admires others qualities, appreciates and have a sweet tongue and a forgiving heart always wins love.

5-Being a good listener:

You must be not knowing that many people exists in this world who are bad listeners, the moment they get a chance they open their chatterbox and go on talking endlessly till others get bored. But a good listener always listens to others problems and be kind and a good listener is the one who is patient and who learns quickly because of this habit and the good listeners are rare so they are wonderful as a person.

Becoming a wonderful is not hard if you just be yourself and reveal or show up your talents to this world, you will feel wondrous to read this ebook Becoming Supernaural by Dr. Joe Dispenza. He explains how common people are doing uncommon things to become super natural and wonderful and how they are having secret knowledge about abundance and success in life learn with the author.

Why relationships end

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Said that relationship end because of ego problem a mind is so busy in expecting things from others and finding faults and mistakes and wish that others do what he or she wills and when things dont work out their way relationship ends.

Hazrath Ali (R.A) also said “the beauty of relationship is in tolerating each other imperfections if you are searching for perfect person then you will be left alone.”

And when conflict arise Hazrath Ali (R.A) said

Be the first one to reconcile and forgive and let go because the person who bow down is the signal that he or she is alive otherwise those who do not bow down has no life in them.

I really felt so lighter and healed after reading this ebook

communicate your feelings by Nic Saluppo.

It`s a fantastic book if you want to communicate your true feelings which comes from your soul then this is the voice of your soul read this one time in your life.

Things to cherish and adore apart from money

There are many things which money cannot give and we can enjoy and cherish it through out our lives.


Before proceeding with the list let me tell you that there are manythings which wastes our money, efforts and time and that is inordinate desires. Hazrath Ali (R.A) said if you give up those desires you save a lot and create savings and wealth.


Sincerely praying to god does not require any money but a pure heart. If you get closer to god Allah will heal you and bring joy to you.

2- Exercise:

Taking a walk in the nature, Doing aerobics or yoga and some breathing exercises whatever you like does not require any money but loyal efforts.


Follow your heart and follow your passion, do hard work and complete your to-do list daily. This can bring you immense satisfaction and increase your stamina and thus makes you healthy you do not even need to go to a Doctor if you are healthy and busy in your own life.


If you love others and give them pure love, they will love you back and true love is priceless and eternal and we cannot count it with money.


If you are compassionate one then you are the wisest one because this compassion can make you very understanding you will be the one always who knows the truth and the root cause of all the problem because of your compassion, you will have an ability to see yourself in others shoes.


A simple and sincere thankyou to others who love you does not require any efforts or time or money just pure loving heart full of gratitude. Appreciate others who do good to you daily.

7-Creativity and talent:

Our creativity and talents are gift from god and they exist. You can have any talent which you can utilize for your own benefits and it do not require any money as talent is also priceless and precious.


Planting a tree sowing seeds, helping others do well, even helping someone in need like picking up some heavy thing for old ones or showing someone right path and giving guidance or just giving a loving smile is a charity. And this does not require any money.


cleaning and organizing home, removing clutter from your home and making it fragrant and shining does not require money but efforts. When you clean your home, you wipe away negative energy away and a clean home attracts positive energy inside it and thus good things start happening to you in your home.

10-Reading and learning:

Now a days reading and learning a new skill do not require much money you just need to have Wi-Fi or mobile data in your mobile that`s it you can read many eBooks and learn many things online.

11-Giving some friend time and making someone laugh:

it also do not require any money it forms togetherness and increase love and bonding and ultimately improves your relationships with others.

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