3 Habits which can give long lasting youth

Imam Jafer Sadiq (R.A) said there are mainly 3 habits which can give you long lasting youth especially to woman.


Habits can change our life.

Bad habits have negative effects, but a good habit can make a miracle in your life.

Imam Jafer sadiq (R.A) said that there are mainly 3 causes why woman lose their youth quicker than Men.

And they are

1- Not drinking milk

2- Not drinking enough water

3- Not fish.

So, he clearly meant that

Habit no 1: Drinking Milk:

It can make your bones stronger and give your teeth and whole body required calcium and helps in staying active and young for a longer time.

Habit no:2 Drinking water

Drinking enough water and keeping yourself hydrated can make your body function properly and excrete wastes out perfectly and thus helps in remaining young.

Habit no:3 Eating fish

we know and everyone knows fish contains omega3 fatty acids which make our eyesight stronger and our mind quicker and sharper and give us required nutrition to our body and also helps in keeping skin fresh and vibrant.

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