Things to cherish and adore apart from money

There are many things which money cannot give and we can enjoy and cherish it through out our lives.

Before proceeding with the list let me tell you that there are manythings which wastes our money, efforts and time and that is inordinate desires. Hazrath Ali (R.A) said if you give up those desires you save a lot and create savings and wealth.


Sincerely praying to god does not require any money but a pure heart. If you get closer to god Allah will heal you and bring joy to you.

2- Exercise:

Taking a walk in the nature, Doing aerobics or yoga and some breathing exercises whatever you like does not require any money but loyal efforts.


Follow your heart and follow your passion, do hard work and complete your to-do list daily. This can bring you immense satisfaction and increase your stamina and thus makes you healthy you do not even need to go to a Doctor if you are healthy and busy in your own life.


If you love others and give them pure love, they will love you back and true love is priceless and eternal and we cannot count it with money.


If you are compassionate one then you are the wisest one because this compassion can make you very understanding you will be the one always who knows the truth and the root cause of all the problem because of your compassion, you will have an ability to see yourself in others shoes.


A simple and sincere thankyou to others who love you does not require any efforts or time or money just pure loving heart full of gratitude. Appreciate others who do good to you daily.

7-Creativity and talent:

Our creativity and talents are gift from god and they exist. You can have any talent which you can utilize for your own benefits and it do not require any money as talent is also priceless and precious.


Planting a tree sowing seeds, helping others do well, even helping someone in need like picking up some heavy thing for old ones or showing someone right path and giving guidance or just giving a loving smile is a charity. And this does not require any money.


cleaning and organizing home, removing clutter from your home and making it fragrant and shining does not require money but efforts. When you clean your home, you wipe away negative energy away and a clean home attracts positive energy inside it and thus good things start happening to you in your home.

10-Reading and learning:

Now a days reading and learning a new skill do not require much money you just need to have Wi-Fi or mobile data in your mobile that`s it you can read many eBooks and learn many things online.

11-Giving some friend time and making someone laugh:

it also do not require any money it forms togetherness and increase love and bonding and ultimately improves your relationships with others.

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