5 Habits which can make you wonderful!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) said there are 5 main habits which can make you always appealing and wonderful as a person.


1- Having a cool mind :

It means not being short-tempered and angry towards the creation of Allah. Always having a calm mind which can feel others feelings and also feel every moment of their life to live life to the fullest.

2- Being soft-hearted and compassionate:

A harsh and hard-hearted person can never win others heart because their heart is so hard that it does not have any feelings for others pains and suffering but a kind and compassionate person wins others trust and also affection.

3- Always Having pleasant smile on face:

No matter how much you suffer if you have that pleasant smile on your face Allah would be pleased with you and so do others be.

4- Having sweet tongue:

People who find faults and mistakes and hurt others always fails because the anger and curses of people and their negative energy vibrates towards that person but a person who admires others qualities, appreciates and have a sweet tongue and a forgiving heart always wins love.

5-Being a good listener:

You must be not knowing that many people exists in this world who are bad listeners, the moment they get a chance they open their chatterbox and go on talking endlessly till others get bored. But a good listener always listens to others problems and be kind and a good listener is the one who is patient and who learns quickly because of this habit and the good listeners are rare so they are wonderful as a person.

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