Ancient and unknown ways to lose weight faster!

Do you know ancient and unknown secrets to lose weight faster? Here i have a cinderella secret!

Mind exercises:

You must be a person who has tried proper healthy diet, exercises and also must have tried detox methods to lose weight. But i have a secret good news for you.

Try Mind exercises like


Meditation like praying and chanting healing prayer creates miracles in your life. And it also helps you to lose weight faster.

2- Yoga:

There are many mind yoga exercises which you must try. Yoga is life changing method and it helps you a great deal in losing weight.

3- Breathing exercises:

These exercises requires energy and it not only calms and empties the mind but also helps in losing weight.

4- Positive affirmations and self hypnosis:

Many ebooks on kindle and everywhere contains the miraculous benefits you can have by adopting these habits. They can change your life and also helps in losing those extra pounds on your belly.

5 -Do a job which requires you to put your mind power into it:

When you put all your heart and mind on your job and do it passionately with hard work you gain success and you do not even realize you lose weight and shed off that ugly fats from your body with your success.

6- Write a story:

Do something which requires you to think and write and this helps in losing weight.

7- Study:

Do you know you can lose weight by studying, learning or doing research on a topic and making a project yes that`s right take up an online course and study you not even learn a new skill but even lose weight and get rid of your obesity.

And few more secret ways to lose weight faster is to go for

1- Hijama:

If you do not know what is hijama then google it and you will be amazed to know about this ancient technique and sunnah method of detoxification of your body, it completely removes toxins out from your body and give healing and clean you spiritually too. This hijama helped millions get back their health and also lose weight.

2- Fasting:

There are many health benefits of fasting and this is the correct way to lose weight faster. Allah would be pleased with you and will make you powerful spiritually and this also helps in shedding bad fats and cholesterol out from your system.

3- Water fast:

Drink detox waters, drink lots of plain water, coconut water and have fruit juices and hot soups that`s it you will be astonished what amazing benefits this water fast can bring it to you.

4- Enemas daily:

Try this method too it helps in getting relief from many problems like pimples, hair problems, obesity etc. This secret method can clean your system and detoxify your body and also help in losing belly fat easily and faster.

5- Cold shower:

If you do not know i will tell you cold shower can help you lose weight What? Do not believe?

Try and then beleive me.

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