One habit which gives peace and happiness to body mind and soul!

Hazrath Ali (R.A) Said one habit which gives peace and happiness to the body mind and soul is

1- Being silent and then if you are speaking then speaking about something which benefits one and all.

Silence can calm your nerves and being silent does not mean only being quiet with your tongue it means being silent completely.

It means not running thoughts in your mind and not speaking and practicing complete silence.

And then when you calm down your whole nerves good things start happening and you will be surrounded by good and positive thoughts and you will be gifted with the power of compassion and power of patience with everything then if you speak you will speak the truth and something which benefits and profits one and all.

I have come across an ebook Healing through spirituality by Trevis Hemingway, and it has motivated me to think more about spirituality.

Spirituality is not a part of us but it is a root cause of all which exists in a material world and it is a foundation of our being and a place where something initializes and begins in our lives. Author Trevis Hemingway takes us on the complete spiritual journey to heal and start a good and new life again after a mental trauma.

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