The chosen urdu poems of my father

Many but not any! A poem

Jab tabassum ki roushni hi nahin

tairgi ki bhi toh kami hi nahin

Why you praise light when there is not any

no vibrations no rays of spark not any!

maikade se aaraha hain mager

phir bhi kehta hain maine pee hi nahin

he is coming from pub and bar pegs many

and then he says he did not drink not a peg not any

khudgharz zaalimoun ke zulm se ab

kisi lab per kahin hansi hi nahin

Because of selfish merciless creatures on earth many

there is no smile giggle on any face not any

aarzoo hasratoun ke gulshan mein

jo kali thhi miyaan khili hi nahin

In my ocean of emotions and in floral gardens many

the bud which has to blossom has not come not any

jal gaya hain kaise aashiyaan mera

barf usper kabhi giri hi nahin

How my home burned up in this weather sunny

never a snow has fallen on it not any

gulshane zeest mehka mehka hain

go hawa pyaar ki chali hi nahin

In my garden of sorrows there are fragrances of many

but the air of love has not strike me not any

kyun sazaa derahe hain Yousuf ko

jab khata usne ki hi nahin

why you are punishing yousuf punishments many

when he is not on fault not any!

with love




Tell me why?

Everyone desire for a home which they own! My father belong to royal family and our home cum castle has been snatched away by government and other relatives all his life he spent on fighting in court for his rights on his land and other properties and still the case is on with no results. He wrote this poem when he was fed up of paying rents.

Here is a fantastic poem on this subject by my father!

Jag yeh jannath nishaan nahin hain kya

zeest mein bhi amaan nahin hain kya

Is this place not like heaven tell me why?

don`t we have weather clement tell me why?

Baat haq ki kyun nahin kerta hain woh

uske moo mein zubaan nahin hain kya

Why don`t you speak the truth

Don`t you have tongue in your mouth tell me why?

bhool baithaa hain mout ko shayad

usko jaana wahaan nahin hain kya

He might have forgotten there is death like sway

Don`t we have to go there some day tell me why?

Kyun taasub hain uski zubaan se tumhein

kyun urdu meethhi zubaan nahin hain kya

why you have complex with my language

is urdu not a sweet language? tell me why?

khoon hi khoon behraha hain yahaan

aman ka yeh jahaan nahin hain kya

There is lot of blood shed going on for rights and money

why is it not a place of harmony? tell me why?

main burey ko bura hi kehta hun

sach yeh mera bayaan nahin hain kya

I tell bad to badness with bravery

Don`t you have respect for chivalry tell me why?

haq ki aawaaz kyun uthhaatey nahin

jism mein khoone rawaan nahin hain kya

Why don`t you raise a voice against oppression

Don`t you have blood moving with emotion tell me why?

maine toh maaf kerdiya hain usey

ab bhi woh bad gumaan nahin hain kya

i have forgiven those people and move on

but still they cause me trouble they go on tell me why?

kyun hain har shaaq khaardaar yahaan

yeh koi gulsitaan nahin hain kya

Why there is lot of jealousy and hatred here i pardon

is this not a place full of floral garden tell me why?

dar badar kyun phir raha hain yousuf

uska zaati makaan nahin hain kya


Don`t you have a HOME OF YOUR OWN Yousuf tell me why?

With love




Treasures of knowledge i possess

Here is one more poetry by my father We must not have money fame name or any gold or assets but if we have knowledge it is invaluable and we can give that knowledge to others!

Ghhum se maamoor hain kitne yeh fasaane mere

zindagi baithh ke roti hain siraane mere

My life is full of sorrows and sad stories i possess

my life cry sitting on my head tears i possess!

mere shaaroun mein kuchh jadoo bayaani aisi

sabke honthoun pey machalte hain taraane mere

there is some magic in my poetry this skill i possess

on everyone`s lips there is my poetry this art i possess!

main bharosa hi kya kerta hun apnoun pey mager

phir zakhm de jaate hain dost purane mere

i always trust my closed one`s this trust i possess

Again they betray me with new pain this hurt i possess

mera kirdaar bhi aur dil bhi aayina miyaa

isliyeh log jo hote hain deewane mere

my character is clean like a mirror good character i possess

that`s why some people are mad about me their madness i possess!

dil ka aangan bhi mahek jata hain gulzaaroun se

jab yaad aate hain bachpan ke lumhe woh suhaane mere

my heart`s garden fills with fragrances and floral aromas

when i remember my childhood good memories i possess

har khadam per jo meri khaar bichhaate thhey

aaj kyun aate hain woh naaz uthhaane mere

in my every walk of life those who use to pour hatred envy on me

why they are running after me today because of money i possess!

kharch kerta hun toh hota hain izaafa yousuf

doulate ilm ke aise hain khazaane mere

when i spend, it increases it is limitless endless yousuf!

treasure of knowledge so precious I possess!

with love




Once more blessings

Mutamayin kyun na hun maa ki duaayein lekar

har bala aaj mere naam se ghubraati hain

Why i do not feel satisfied by my mother`s blessings adore

All negative vibes are afraid of my vibes once more!

Aap kehte hain ise aman wo amaan ka mousam

bum dhamakoun se meri rooh dahal jaati hain

You call it a climate of peace to bomb and blast at the sea shore

my soul gasps and shakes with the noises once more!

buzrugoun ne sadaa yeh dars diya hain humko

dosti woh hain jo burey waqt pey kaam aati hain

our elders have always ask us to befriend a person who write and read

a friend in need is a friend in deed!

Make friends who love to read and write more

grow your mind and heart once more!

jisko dekho yahaan rahem woh karam ka talab

yeh duniya yeh hain yahan sab khairati hain

All humans need compassion and love more

let`s get united and gather once more!

Khatl wa garathgiri hoti hain jahan bhi yousuf

yaad besaakhta gujarath ki aajathi hain!

wherever there is murders and killing more

i remember Gujarat oppression once more!

muskurati hui nazroun ka tasawwur touba

dil ke zakhmoun pey mere roz bahaar aati hain!

I always appreciate the value of smile

heals the wounds of my heart like spring once more!

with love




Have a heart dedicated to love

Jazbaayeh dil ka ehteraam karo

khwaahishoun ko naa belagaam karo

have a heart dedicated determined

make it do it

control your infinite desires undermined

make it do it!

apni neendein bhi kuchh haraam karo

kyun ho bekaar kuchh toh kaam karo

sacrifice your sleep and work just make it do it

why you are doing nothing do something

just make it do it

sabse pehle hi tum salaam karo

baadmein phir kahein kalaam karo

always say hello first and greet just make it do it

then start your conversation and meet just make it do it!

yeh tushdath ka ikhtitaam karo

pyaar woh duniya mein khaas wo aam karo

let hate ends just make it end do it

make love compassion common just make it do it

uske aage jawaab deta hain

bekasoun ka na khatle aam karo

people who speak against evil

don`t kill those people like devil

mukharrar hain hayaat ka rasta

nek aamaal gaam gaam karo

its done and confirmed divinely how much is your life journey

do good deeds just make it happen do it

khud numaayi ke waaste yousuf

bejaa israaf ke na kaam karo

don`t waste money for becoming famous yousuf

don`t become a spend thrift just stop it do it!

no matter what hurdles comes your way

just get on from your seat just make it do it!

wih love




Oh Allah hamd

Assalaamlaikam let`s start the first post with the praises of Allah

This is my father`s first poetry on this blog!

Ya khuda mujhko too khudi dede

mujhko ehsaase bandagi dede

oh Allah give me a personal entity

Oh Allah grant a caring for humanity

Zahan wa dil ko too khol de ya rab

Apni hasti ki agahi dede

Oh Allah open my mind and heart heartily

make me alert about my truth and reality

log phirse khareeb aajayein

dahar mein aman wa aashti dede

let all beings come together again

give us peace and harmony no pain

sookhe hain khet sookha hai sabza

ab zameenoun mein too nami dede

livestock have dried up there is no harvest

give rain and spring up everything at it`s best

zulm ka sar kuchal ke rakhdeygey

humko zor e hyderi dede

we will fight against all oppression verily

give us the power the strength like Ali

khalb roushan ho teri ulfath se

mere dil ko woh dilbari dede

light up my heart with your love eternal

give my heart that love external and internal

mere anfaas tera zikr karein

mujhko yeh wasf e daaymi dede

All my words just utter your name and praise you

give me that love which selflessly love you

tere jalwoun ko dekh paaoun mein

aisi aankhoun mein roushni dede

Give me an ability to see or feel your beauty so wise

give me that spark that glowing light in my eyes

ittebaayi rasool mein guzrey

mujhko too aisi zindagi dede

All my life must be spent obeying my prophet

give me that life full of profit

kaam aaooun mein tere bandoun ke

mujhko woh aejaaze khaisari dede

i must always benefit others and not mention

give me that ability for your creation

ghair ke maathat na rakh humko

hair ke maathat na rakh humko

phir zamaane ki sarwari dede

phir zamaane ki sarwari dede

don`t let us depend on others with shame

give us the power to rule once again

Oh Allah jaame wahdath pilaa de yousuf ko

aur tabiyath mein bekhudi dede

Oh Allah make me drink the drink of your love

let me sing in intoxication your praises like dove!

With love

Yousuf uddin!

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