Allina of pearls fairyland

How Allina got married in childhood!


Zeeshaan fairyland is a land so vibrant and radiant and shining like a shining full moon and this fairyland is created with pure white glittering pearls, it’s sand and soil is pearly created from pearls, diamond and saffron dust.

This fairyland is extremely beautiful than all other fairylands of neighboring cities. All of them admire Zeeshaan fairyland and it got it’s name as Zeeshaan because this Arabic word meaning is full shining moon and their fairyland shines like full moon and that’s the reason every one calls this fairyland a zeeshaan Fairyland.

When King Junaid is blessed with the lovely and beautiful son he named his son as Zeeshaan. As his fairyland’s name is also Zeeshaan.

In this fairyland there is one young girl whose name is Allina, she is the daughter of a rich business man, she is 19 year old, but when she was 12 her mother dies and she is left alone to live with her father, suddenly her father got great loss in business, he was about to sell his house, then he met one rich lady of equal his age who has got two daughters, now he has an option whether to get married with her or to sell the house so he choose to marry.

Allina’s father and Allina knows one secret one true past about Allina.

Allina’s father Murtaza use to work as a Manager of Business affairs with the king in the Castle.

King Junaid always admired and loved Murtaza’s finesse and efficiency as a Business Manager and Revenue Minister in the royal office!

Murtaza use to stay with his wife and his beautiful little daughter Allina in the pearl pavilion around the castle. Allina was 9 years old that time and Prince Zeeshaan was 12.

Prince Zeeshaan always loved Allina as Allina visited him daily to play with him with other kids.


One day there was one Nikah ceremony of Zeeshaan’s Aunty happening in the castle,

Khazi has arrived in the pearly castle,

Zeeshaan and Allina were playing before the ceremony.

Allina was wearing glittering and shimmering clothes as it was a wedding day and they were invited.

So many guests were invited in the pearly castle.

Prince Zeeshaan: Allina when I will grow up I will marry you!

Allina: You will forget me till that time!

Prince Zeeshaan: No I will not!

Allina: it’s a challenge!

Prince Zeeshaan: let’s have a bet I will not forget you and iam challenging you!

Allina: you are surely going to forget me I bet and challenge you!

Guard who was standing there before entrance!

Guard: you will forget this girl my child as you are a prince and she is a common girl!

Allina: see! I told you that you are going to forget me!

Prince Zeeshaan plays hide and seek with Allina and reaches the dressing room of Khazi where he is just refreshing up and preparing to recite Nikah.

Some crackers are burnt and loud noises comes and then music is played, drums are beaten there was heavy lighting all around the castle, professional cooks were cooking grand and royal dinner inside the royal kitchen.

Prince Zeeshaan: Does all these things like burning crackers, lighting, music, heavy food is necessary to get married?

Prince Zeeshaan ask Khazi!

Khazi: he giggles No my child this is not necessary for any marriage!

Prince Zeeshaan: then what is necessary?

Khazi: Nikah is necessary once it is recited before the bride and groom and they accept each other, the marriage is complete apart from that nothing is essential for any marriage.

Prince Zeeshaan: then recite Nikah for me and Allina now I want to get married to her!

Khazi: Oh! He giggles again no my boy your royal highness Nikah is not a game of children.

It has got to be recited before two people.

Prince Zeeshaan: I will call the two guards standing over there! To witness this nikah!

Khazi: laughs this is not a joke I guess I have to go for Nikah it’s getting late!

Allina: what’s happening let’s play and continue hide and seek.

Prince Zeeshaan: he takes out a gun from inside his pocket and put it on Khazi forehead,

I will kill you if you do not recite Nikah here and now!

Khazi: he gets afraid! Oh my Allah! Call those two guards here and now!

Prince Zeeshaan calls those two guards inside the dressing room.

Allina: Is my little doll getting married! She sits with Prince Zeeshaan

And Khazi recites whole total Nikah in presence of those two guards.

And then he asks Prince Zeeshaan for his approval he said yes!

And then he asks for Allina’s approval!

Allina: is my doll got married or I got married!

Prince Zeeshaan: you got married with me! Will you accept!

Allina: oh my god! I loved everything yes, I do!

Allina and Prince Zeeshaan are declared husband and wife!

The king was searching for Prince Zeeshaan and also Khazi as it was getting late for the Nikah.

While searching he arrives near the dressing room and found Prince Zeeshaan and Allina being declared as husband and Wife!

Junaid: Zeeshaan! You idiot! What you are doing with this girl here?

And you Khazi I have been searching for you all the way into the castle!

Prince Zeeshaan: Papa I got married with Allina and this khazi has recited Nikah in front of those two guards!

Junaid: He ask those two guards Did he really?

The guards nod their heads in approval.

Junaid: he ask Khazi what did you do?

Khazi: he showed me gun and threatened me to death if I do not recite Nikah here and now!

Junaid: is this what I taught you? I always taught you to behave well with elders! This nikah is still invalid and I do not approve it.

Khazi: you cannot deny this nikah as it has happened!

Junaid: he pull Zeeshan’s ears and drag him outside you idiot you fool what did you do?

Allina: What happened? After marriage my doll always go to the place of her husband why iam not going anywhere?

Everybody leaves the dressing room.

The Nikah of Zeeshan’s Aunt is recited and ceremony took place harmoniously and then the next day valima was given and that ceremony happened in the castle itself.

After Marriage Junaid calls Murtaza to the official place inside the castle and informed him that he is fired!

Junaid: I no longer need your services Murtaza!

Murtaza: But why? What is my fault? What did I do?

If you could explain?

Junaid: I can only give you instructions to leave the pavilion of our castle as soon as possible till tomorrow I don’t want to see your and your daughter’s face anymore!

Murtaza: From where did my daughter come in the picture. She is just a little girl!

Junaid: that little girl is very smart she fooled my son the future of Zeeshan fairyland and got married with him on Nikah day.

Murtaza: what? When? Where?

Junaid: Khazi recited Nikah in front of two witnesses and here they got married at this tender age and I do not approve this nikah!

Murtaza: If the Nikah has actually taken place then nobody can deny it and we cannot do anything now till Prince give divorce to Allina.

Let’s call the prince and ask him!

Murtaza: There was tears in his eyes!

Prince Zeeshaan was called

Junaid: Come my son!

Now answer his questions!

Murtaza: Did Nikah actually taken place in front of those two witnesses?

Prince Zeeshan: yes!

Murtaza: Will you give divorce to Allina now to free yourself from this Nikah?

Prince Zeeshaan: never!

Junaid: he raises his voice! Zeeshaan you stupid boy! You idiot if elders want to make amends for the mistake you have done in your life allow us to do it. Agree with him otherwise I will put you in jail.

Prince Zeeshaan: Never I will die but I will never divorce my love Allina and I love her.

Junaid: this is infatuation not love, you are a child and you do not know anything about true love! Don’t be like milk drinking baby and so stupid this is your life and life is big say yes now!

Prince Zeeshaan: he shouts No! No! No!

Junaid: guards lock him up in the jail and I will never ever care he is my son.

After this meeting Murtaza leaves the palace with his family and after spending two days in jail, Junaid calls Zeeshaan to home and send him to another fairyland famous for education and knowledge for his higher studies.

Zeeshaan is coming back after getting highly qualified and educated as a Prince to his home town back to the royal castle and he has only one motive that is to search his wife Allina.

Now Prince Zeeshaan is 22 years old he has learnt lot of martial arts, gymnastics, Yoga and sword fighting.

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