First day as a Nanny Roosheena`s strawberries land

Roosheena first day as a Nanny was a mess! As she is new and has no experience she goes through much trouble! Find out how she finds a good solution to her first problem.

Aaliya: Oh! Welcome my child! This is your first day as a Nanny for my child! Take good care of her, you will have everything you need here in this house! And if you face any trouble then walk to me iam near by working in the strawberries farm land with my hubby! So don’t worry iam close to you and it’s just 5 minutes distance to my farm.

Roosheena: iam all set and ready and iam really very excited you know mam i just love small babies and to my fascination this baby of yours is so adorable!

Aaliya: i hope you will have a good time all the best!

Roosheena: Bye Mam!

Roosheena is playing with the baby and after some time suddenly the baby starts crying. Roosheena tries to calm her but she is continuously crying, she then plans to make milk,

She finds thermos containing warm water in the kitchen and then she could find milk powder outside on the dining table then she was searching for Milk bottle and she could not find it, then she found Milk bottle containing some milk in the bedroom.

She took the baby in her one hand and was washing bottle through the sink from the other hand and then she makes milk for the baby.

And when she was feeding the baby with the milk, some milk was spilling out from her mouth and the baby’s clothes got wet,

Roosheena was searching for a napkin and a washcloth, she could not find any bib or anything at-last she got kitchen washcloth and there she used the same thing to cover the baby and continues feeding her.

After baby drinks milk roosheena takes her into the green garden outside the home and play with her and sing some rhymes, the baby went to sleep.

And then Roosheena was left alone, she sat on the window and was looking out the green grass, the green trees and all the strawberries, fresh air comes and splashes her hair on her face.

After an hour and a half baby wakes up crying and she rushes towards the baby, she miss the cradle and she has to put the baby on bed, what if one day she starts crawling and fell off from the bed she mutters to herself.

The baby diapers was wet,

She pooped and was continuously crying again,

Roosheena began searching for diapers and she could find them no where, so she opened the baby’s almarah and there she finds some diapers and wet wipes.

When Roosheena was about to change baby’s diaper she noticed that baby has wet her jump suit.

So Roosheena while calming the baby use wet wipe to clean the baby and notice that baby has got some red rash so she searches for rash cream and could not find it then she search for some talcum baby powder there was no powder and any puff. She gets disappointed, she changes the baby like that only and goes towards almarah taking the baby into her arms and get one jump suit.

She change baby’s clothes and then lull her to sleep again.

When Roosheena was alone she washed the baby’s dirty jump suit and tuck outside the home in the lawn area clipping it and then watching the sun shine onto her face.

Her friend Sania was walking and she looks at Roosheena!

Sania: Hey Roosheena where were you i have come to your house to play today and i could not find you there!

Roosheena: iam working as a Nanny here today is my first day!

Come inside!

Sania: How is the day going along?

Roosheena: very messy! There are no things for the baby no powder, no cream and not even a rash cream?

Sania: You must say this to Aaliya Mam!

Roosheena: off-course i will and i think i need a caddy very urgently because i don’t want to run all the time all around home when i need milk powder, water or a washcloth.

Sania: This is a serious problem let’s find some good diaper caddy online!

Roosheena found a awesome caddy and to her amazement it will be delivered within few hours at home.

She ordered online with a cash on delivery option.

Sania: I will visit Aaliya Mam at the farm land to get money as quickly as possible.

Sania goes to farm to get the money from Aaliya to pay for the caddy.

Then Sania returns back to Roosheena the baby is still asleep,

The delivery man arrives with a caddy and then they pay the money and takes the caddy.

Roosheena she unpacks the caddy

and exclaims oh! it is the best caddy of the whole world.

There is one medium sized section Roosheena puts thermos, milk powder bottle and washed milk bottle in it and beside it one more medium section Roosheena keeps diapers and wet wipes in it and in a big master section, roosheena puts baby’s clothes and some wash cloths she got from kitchen to use it for the baby.

There she is set!

Now whenever baby cries Roosheena is not required to run in the house for the things for the baby.

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