Qirat Queen a secret fairytale

How Aafiya lose her confidence and forcibly gets married!

Qirat Queen

A secret fairytale

Once upon a time in a beautiful fairy town khustul also known as Magico Splendor fairyland there lived a beautiful young fairy called Qirat.

She is a passionate singer when she sings verses from Quran whole fairy land swings with her tunes and there was much magic in her voice which has a super power to create snow castles, fountains and breaks it. All the people of the Khustul fairyland use to come and get together on one famous platform called Meesha where there are glasses of snow present and there she uses to perform and show her super powers to the public.

Her sister Razia is jealous of her and her talents, she is her younger step sister aah aah only one year younger to her. She also sings quranic verses but her voice is not that much beautiful and powerful like Qirat and she does not possess any super power but wait she knows one secret about Qirat and that secret has the tendency to destroy Qirat’s life.

Qirat lives with her father and her step mother along with her step sister and she knows they do not like her and envy her.

So, once she is in the gardens collecting flowers and her sister Razia follows her.

Hey sis!

Your last concert was dumb don’t you think so?

Qirat: What do you mean dumb? I mean everybody liked it and appreciated it!

Razia: No! But I personally think you could do better than that! As you always do my sis!

Qirat: Okay I love you because you give me so honest feedback about my performance!

What do you think went wrong?

Razia: Your voice it was not as strong as it uses to be and that makes me feel why my sis could not do well as she possess a super power?

Qirat: Well! Criticism always makes me feel less confident! But still there is always a way to learn I will try my best to improve this is my next concert!

Razia: Nah! It was not to make you feel low but to improve your skills!

Qirat: I know iam just talking about my weakness I feel like so when I hear a criticism and you know that so well!

Razia: not even me even Shahnaz and Sahar were saying the same thing about you!

Now here Qirat feels a little more tensed and sweat drops from near her eye brows she asked edgily

What? What were they saying?

Razia: that you were not as good as you were before?

Qirat: oh, my goodness! She feels low and down!

Razia: She observes the sweat on her forehead and was feeling contented from inside that her trick is actually working to put her sister down!

Ah! Well, no worries I have to leave for my Math’s class as Mathematics tutor arriving in 5 minutes so see you later!

Qirat: she says to herself Razia your math’s tutor has really made you very calculative person aah! I can’t trust this girl for my good!

She may be telling lies to make me feel low and down.

Qirat stays with her step mother Yasmeen who hates her and prefer her daughter Razia above Qirat in everything and Qirat’s father Jameel keeps quiet on every matter.

Qirat returns back to their beautiful house taking the flowers in her hands.

Yasmeen: Qirat are you back! Just cut these vegetables for me and look at the peas rice on the stove!

Qirat: She knew that she does not ask Razia to do anything and she is the one who has to obey and do hard work all day!

Qirat quickly goes inside the kitchen and start cooking peas rice and cutting and washing all the vegetables.

There her father arrives inside home!

Jameel: I collected today all the money we received from the Qirat concert it’s a successful concert as we got a few more bucks this time!

Qirat! Come here darling I need your signature on this paper to confirm you actually received the money!

Qirat wipes the sweat from her face with her cotton scarf and signed the paper then as soon as she signed the paper, Yasmeen arrived she kissed Qirat forehead in a fake loving way oh my lovely daughter you are so great and took away all the money from Jameel.

Yasmeen: She just grabbed the bag and went to her room and put all the money inside her almarah.

Qirat was sad as she could not even get a penny for her hard work and efforts!

Next day:

Next day in the middle of the morning Yasmeen takes Razia to a marketplace to buy some clothes and accessories for her daughter where as Qirat was left alone at home.

She just goes to the flower garden again her favorite place where she talks with silky her animal creature like buddy!

Silky arrives flying in the air on to her shoulder!

Fresh air comes move and forth refreshing the mind and spirit of Qirat!

Silky is her friend with whom she shares her sufferings and excitements!

Qirat: oh silky! My mom has taken away all my money again this time and there is nothing left in my pocket!

Silky: why did you give her? Start doing some other work secretly to earn some extra cash I cannot see you being like a maid inside your own father’s home!

Qirat: oh! Silky pray for me! I do not know what will my step mother do at the time of my marriage will it happen or will she break it?

Pray for me!

Silky: I always do pray for you! But still, I think you must take some action to get rid of her!

The flowers move and glides with fresh air and then the dew drops fall on Qirat’s face she feels refreshed this is the best place in the whole world!

I will do my best in the next concert to earn more?

Silky: What? What are you saying? You were just perfect in the last concert! Just be like this always!

Qirat: but Razia told me…

Silky: Stop! She speaks all nonsense do not even believe her!

Yasmeen and Razia making hay at the marketplace eating ice-creams and buying stuff after the shopping when it was time to return home Yasmeen takes Razia to one magician’s place.

It was all dark and they get in there!

A black magician was present there in front of one borne fire and globe of glass in front of him.

His eyes were closed and when they entered, he opened his eyes strongly and widely like a shock.

Yasmeen: to a watch man is he free now can we enter inside the cave?

Watch man: yes off-course he was waiting for you!

Yasmeen: She enters with Razia!

Black magician: What do you want to do?

Yasmeen: My daughter sings well qirat but Aafiya sings even better than her. She is so talented that Razia’s talent goes to waste and no one is willing to listen to her.

I want to shut Aafiya down forever.

She must be so paralysed that she could never sing again in her whole life.

And that too she is beautiful than Razia and I know many good proposals come her way and bad and poor proposals comes Razia’s way I want to change this and let her marry some beggar.

Black magician: Your wish granted I will chant from tomorrow give me 10 gold coins for now and I will ask for more after moving further on this.

Yasmeen: She takes out 10 gold coins and give it to the sorcerer and then they return back home.

After they come home: they ring the bell! Knock! Knocks the door!

Aafiya: She comes and opens the door!

Oh, momma you are back! How was the shopping?

Yasmeen: there was no answer! She looks at Aafiya with disgust!

Razia: She moves quickly inside her bedroom!

Yasmeen: Qirat, please make the dinner ready Iam coming in a minute to eat!

Qirat makes the dinner ready and put on the plates on a dining table and then Razia and Yasmeen comes in to have the dinner!

Yasmeen: Qirat serve Razia put some curry in her plate?

Qirat she obeys suddenly her hands shakes and little curry spills on her frock!

Razia: Oh my god! She is a mess! A complete mess!

Why did you put this on my frock!

You fool!

Qirat: oh aah! Iam sorry!


Yasmeen: Go now and open the door!

A post man drops in the letter!

A royal letter from the king of Khustul Magico splendor fairyland

All are invited to the great qirat ceremony at the mirror castle name jannis sharbath home on 17th of June at night 8o clock.

Postman: there is one more invitation on the name of Qirat king would like to listen to her qirat on that special day where all the religious ceremonies would be performed!

Razia: She gets excited oh my god! The young prince must be there at the ceremony Iam so excited!

If he likes me then it would be great!

Yasmeen: She writes on the letter that Qirat is unwell and she will not be able to come apologies!

Hey you! She calls postman please drop this at the royal palace and inform that Qirat cannot attend the ceremony.

Yasmeen: You must look beautiful so that prince could like no one but only you!

I will take you to the best salon and best parlor and don’t forget dieting from tomorrow you are going on a walk and there will be no chocolates, pastries and ice-creams in your diet.

Razia: oh no! don’t cut my chocolates and ice-creams how can I live? I will try to survive with coffee, cold drink and my chicken!

Yasmeen: no, you are only going to eat vegetables fruits and nuts and nothing more than that try to drink water as much as you can!

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