Qirat Queen part:3

Qirat goes to the grapes Castle called Angoor mahal where her concert was held and there, she upsets everyone as she was hardly able to talk and was walking like an old lady!

All the money they collected from people got wasted arman is unhappy he asks Qirat to return his money back and Qirat has become so weak that she could hardly remember where did she kept the money!

Armaan: I want all the money right now otherwise I will send all the people who has put money on this on your door tomorrow!

Qirat: iam going back home silky light bird arrives with glucose bottle and he helps her to get back home!

Next day all the people gathered at Qirat’s home and barged inside her home breaking the door and there was loud roar and gasping.

Qirat was asked about the money and she could not remember it so thy started torturing her to return the money and then and there she collapsed on ground and was taken to the hospital by Jameel her father.

Jameel says to Qirat after she comes to consciousness in hospital and was feeling better that

Please leave my home and stay somewhere else we will make arrangements to get you married as soon as possible I cannot tolerate this defame please hide yourself from the public and stay somewhere else!

Qirat and her light bird silky have been taken to one forest area to a cottage where from now she has to stay alone with her light bird!

Qirat was becoming pale day by day and there was no one there to ask her for anything.

Razia and Yasmeen got happy by getting the news that Qirat has become so unhealthy and weak and now she could no longer sing and perform on stage.

One day: Yasmeen was having dinner with Jameel and razia!

Yasmeen: I think we must get Qirat married as soon as possible so that she could get someone’s company to live the rest of her life!

Jameel: she has become so much ill and it’s hard to tell how much she would be able to live and who will marry such a woman who is about to die soon!

Yasmeen: a street boy or beggar whoever is on the road just catch the boy and get her married!

Jameel: Her doctor who visits her cottage for her treatment already informed me that she is getting pale day-by-day and he do not know the reason one reason he gives is anxiety and stress and other reason is anaemia she is badly anaemic.

Jameel finishes his dinner and goes inside his room!

Yasmeen: See I told you no razia, the money I gave to black magician was worth it and worth each penny of it!

Now see the results she will be no more alive!

Razia: yes mom! You did what you want to do? But I don’t think so killing Qirat is a solution to our problem!

Our main problem is iam not beautiful and talented like Qirat and we cannot do anything about it!

Yasmeen: stop it you fool!

Razia: she leaves giving a disappointing facial gesture to her!

4- Qirat’s forced marriage!

Yasmeen next day in the morning goes to market and purchase flowers, a bridal dress and groom’s dress and all the stuff for Qirat’s surprise marriage!

Razia, Yasmeen and Jameel with Qazi who recites Nikah ceremony and some scoundrels with guns and swords just rushes to the cottage of Qirat and informs her that she is getting married now so get ready!

Qirat: She is all shocked and could not speak up!

And then she says why on earth I need to get married Iam on my death bed I will die very soon! Doctor has already gave me time iam going to survive only for one year from now!

It’s hard for me to survive why do I need to get married?

Yasmeen: for that one year we want to give you happiness the best days so that you remember.

Qirat: Stop it or I will take revenge!

Scoundrels were called to catch Qirat and then Yasmeen take her inside the cottage to get her ready with the bridal dress!

After Qirat gets ready!

Jameel: we do not have groom from where we should bring the husband for this girl!

Yasmeen and jameel peeped out into the jungle and on street they find one young beggar who was having black beard and moustache and was asking for money to people!

He is lame and he was walking with a stick.

Yasmeen caught him and Jameel help him and they call out scoundrels to catch that man and then they make him dress like groom.

And Qirat wants to run but she is all caught up, her eyes were covered with tight knots of scarf and she could not see anything and her groom was said by Yasmeen and scoundrels that if he dare tell her that he is her husband that day they are going to kill Qirat!

The nikah ceremony was performed Qirat could not see anything accept the green diamond shining brightly in one of the fingers of groom and it is the same diamond she saw when she fell unconscious at king’s palace sometime back.

And then she could feel and see the same the diamond from the slight hole in her scarf when her father jameel gave Qirat’s hands in the hand of the man after their Nikah!

Jameel: After the ceremony young man go away and don’t return back to this place.

Yasmeen to razia: I always wanted you to get the best groom razia and I always feared Qirat would get the best groom because she is beautiful and talented than you now today my that fear ended! And Iam happy about it!

Razia: Momma let’s ask black magician to stop his magic as we have already caused much damage to Qirat!

Yasmeen: he already stopped and he has done what he has to do now Qirat will always be like this until someone come and treat her spiritually.

No one will do such a thing as no one knows that it’s just a magic Qirat is alright and healthy and well girl!

The man who got married to Qirat cannot tell her wife that he is her husband as they warned him that they will kill Qirat in his absence!

Learn who is actually that man who got married to Qirat!

What happens finally how Qirat recognizes her husband!

All in an ebook Qirat Queen!

as i have made some nice friends here i hope at-least one person among them all will read my ebook!

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