Roosheena and her strawberries land

Roosheena and her strawberries land!

This is a short fairytale about Roosheena and her strawberries land!

This is a short fairytale about Roosheena and her strawberries land!

Fairies flying across the land

some dancing, some singing some playing in sand

Stories of ogres pixies so wondrous

elves giants looks so lovely and glamourous

this land is not an enterprise or a franchise!

the melodies of fairies beautifies!

from another world it hails

it’s sweet and eternal fairytale!

the water fall is flowing and flowing

fairies sprinkling water and splashing!

What a hay cheerful laughs enhance!

fairies looks joyous they merrily dance!

We see fairies flying across the land

some dancing some singing some playing in sand!

Once upon a time there is one beautiful and talented fairy and her name is Roosheena. She lives in a strawberry fairyland where we could find the rivers, the sea the lakes and the waterfalls of strawberry juices and a fountains of strawberry milk shakes and trees and plants of strawberries and even huts and cottages of strawberries.

When the night comes the lamps of strawberries are lit up.

The land is full of strawberries!

Roosheena is a poor girl lives in strawberry hut.

She sells strawberries flowers to rich men daily to earn her living.

She lives with her old father who is blind and she has to take care of him.

Every morning she wakes up and collect strawberry flowers from the forest and the gardens and then she sell it to rich people to earn her living.

One day at breakfast

Roosheena is only 11 year old girl and she has to cook for her self and her father.

She is making pan cakes in the kitchen and was putting on strawberries jam on the pan cakes.

Her father was waiting for the breakfast on the table.

Roosheena: papa! my friends go to school they sing and dance and play together. But i can’t join them in fun.

Papa: My child iam sorry about that it is only because of me if i would have got eye sight i have gone outside to earn and make a living. I would not have allowed you to work at this age.

Roosheena: Iam blessed papa you are one of the best father and iam blessed to have you! She hugs him!

Papa: iam blessed to have you too my child!

Roosheena go out to earn her living and sell strawberry flowers.

Every day she do the same and then return home tired and famished.

One day she was returning from her work to home and on the street she finds a man whose feathers are broken he has fell on the ground and he is utterly thirsty asking for water.

Roosheena helps the man, she get some water from the well and make him drink.

Old man turns into a giant animal like creature.

Roosheena gets afraid and was about to run.

He stop her and tell her that iam the magical jinn.

As you have helped me i can grant you anything you wish for!

But remember only one wish!

Roosheena thought of asking for a good house!

Or lots of money!

And then she thought a job in the royal palace of the king or an admission in good school!

Then all of a sudden her heart went towards her father who is blind!

So she asked the jinn

can you give eye sight to my blind father!

I want the light of the eyes of my father!

The jinn said okay and he disappeared!

When Roosheena reached home and knocked the door! Her father opened the door and he said!

Roosheena my child i can see everything and i can see you as well my child!

I do not know how and why this miracle happened!

But at last now i can see!

From next day her father started working hard in the forests and within few weeks he could earn a fairly good income for the home. He started cooking and serving breakfast for the poor children on low price.

Then one day some one from royal palace happened to eat his breakfast and he offered him a job as a cook in the royal palace for the king.

Roosheena grows so happy, her hay days are back now she no more has to work hard during the day she started playing singing and dancing with other fairies and also started going to school.

And at last Roosheena and her father became happiest people of the fairyland, and then they lived happily ever after!

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